At the top of the Power Tower, the musical roar of the fair dimmed, letting in the screams of the people ready to drop. The ride burst into life and dropped the unknowing people to the floor, screams turned into hunger for another drop, adrenaline, excitement and Joy. Shoved into by a chubby girl with an overly big scandalous I smiled, I Just took in all the chatter, excitement and the vibe of happiness bouncing off the overly flashy lights coming from every corner of the fair. It was magical.

Mummy please”, I heard a boy begging to his mum for another go while bouncing up and down with Joy. The fake smoke from the rides mixed with the real smoke from men’s cigarettes was collecting In the alarm Like a thick fog on an autumn’s morning. My wired gaze caught the eye of a little girl Inserting shiny silver coins Into the slot machines with no care for the objective. The most Intimidating ride was swaying over my head like a wasp ready to strike; It was luring me In I am sure of It!

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The concentration on the eyes of the people going for an Pad or other price prize was cheerless to watch, they were so absorbed In their fantasy of winning something many people get the courtesy of being ripped off for, it was despairing. The clouds, now a musty grey were closing in on the fair. The chatter, cheerfulness, and joy of people was drawing to a close, something had changed but I can’t say what. The dazzling lights, now shuddering like a cold summer afternoon. The rain was the tears of heaven just as if GOD was preparing us for something awful.