She made my normal day at work one of the most memorable days ever. As I close my eyes and the memories fill my head I can remember the day as if it were yesterday. I was sitting at my desk behind my cubicle on a Wednesday afternoon and as I glanced up at the clock for the hundredth time In hopes that It would be time to go home there she was. The first glance was breath taking. It was as If she demanded the attention of the entire room when she walked through the door, and she received every bit of it.

Completely forgetting the report I was typing up and any deadlines I was trying to meet I stood to my feet to greet her. Instantly I felt my hands become clammy so I wiped them on my pants, thinking to myself that the last thing I wanted was to ruin our first encounter with a sweaty handshake. As she walked toward me I began to recite my introduction in my head as if I were auditioning for an interview with one of wall streets biggest employer. I could feel my heartbeat racing with every step she took toward me, as I listened to the sounds f her high heels hit the floor I couldn’t resist watching her every movement.

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She looked at me from across the room as she slowly made her way towards me and smiled a smile that radiated beauty. Her eyes were warm yet gave a powerful look of confidence and authority; they hid behind a pair of black framed glasses that complimented every part of her face. Her skin looked smooth and soft to the touch, and her hair was pulled back revealing her entire face. As she spoke her name, her voiced matched every part of her intricate features, strong and firm yet soft and nice.

As I shook her hand I can remember the softness of her skin, I introduced myself and followed with an offer to help her find what she was looking for, in secret hopes that she’d say It was me. At this point it was as If the world had stopped in anticipation of what she would say. The room felt still, but I can hear my heart still racing with every beat. She was In search for my supervisor; at this point my thoughts began racing along side my heart with each question that popped in my head. What could bring such a beautiful woman into this place?

Was she here for a job? Did they have a date? To afraid to ask I politely walked her down hall and showed her the way to his secretary. As she walked away and glanced at me through her glasses, she smiled that smile and said thank you for your help. The walk back to my cubicle never seemed so long, as I asked myself over and over again why didn’t I say more. And till this day, I wonder would I ever see her again, her face and smile engraved in my thoughts. Her touch still felt on my hand, yet I never had the chance to tell her Just how beautiful I thought she was.