My nephew has a disease called hemophilia, and conquers it every day. It Sis rare disease most people have no Idea exists. With this disease he Is In and out of the hospital very often, but he definitely never lets It get him down. He makes me so proud being so strong with this sickness. Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder in which the blood does not clot like it normally should. It is rare for males to be born with it, but even rarer for a female to be born with it. There are two different types of hemophilia, and three different severities.

Type A hemophilia Is permanent. No cure currently exists for type A. Type B Is not permanent. You have a chance of growing out of type B. Scientists have cured type B in a dog for a few years now, so there is hope for a cure. The three different severities are: mild, moderate, and severe. There are several different medicines out there to help the blood clot, but they are extremely expensive. My nephew Jerry has Type A, severe. With hemophilia there are a lot of negative side effects; you get bruises all over your body, and everything constantly aches.

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A lot of times whoever has the disease gets bleeds In their Joints, and has to stay In the hospital to get It under control. A hospital is a place many people do not like to go. There are a ton of machines that are very intimidating, along with shots that hurt. People only go because they are sick and in pain. That alone Just does not sound appealing in any kind of way. The halls are white and seem like they have no end In sight. When you walk in you smell a mixture of unpleasant fragrances. It Just all In all not a very Inviting place at all!

My nephew Jerry has hemophilia, and is constantly in the hospital. He has to get a shot in his veins every day. Despite all of that, he wakes up with a smile on his face. He is seven years old, but he never lets his disease get to him. He begged to play t- ball, even though he knew it would be really hard on his Joints. There was a game, and his leg was swelled up pretty big. He TLD tell anyone or complain, he tried to hide It Just so he could play his t-ball. No matter how much pain he Is In, or how hard it might get to move, he tries his hardest to put a smile on your face.

If there is someone that is upset cheering them up becomes Jersey’s main priority. There is not a day that he can’t brighten up my life. Waking up to see his beautiful smiling face is the absolute best thing to me. Every morning he wakes me up and says, “Good morning Aunt Wendy It is a beautiful day, wake up so we can drink our milk! ” He Is always cheerful, the only time I have ever seen him get mad at someone is if they hurt his little sister’s feelings. Having hemophilia has made him mature beyond his years. My sweet nephew is a constant reminder of how precious life is.

From his illness I have learned that life should never be taken for granted, it is too short to waste away. He is never scared to do anything. Even if he knows It might mean extra shots, or a He Just plays with the other kids that are sad. He truly is my hero. Big things come in small packages Wendy Williams English 1301 September 13, 2012 A descriptive essay over a person, place, and thing My nephew has a disease called hemophilia, and conquers it every day. With this disease he is in and out of the hospital very often, but he definitely never lets it get him down.