“Winners never quit and quitters never win. ” This sentence always sticks in my mind through every day of my life. When I embark on various Journeys in my life, there must be a time at which I feel like giving up. It could happen anytime, either at the start of the Journey or Just before I am about to make that huge break-through that I have been putting so much effort in to achieve. However, I always keep in my mind that it is better to fall than to quit, because I am never a quitter.

Last year I had a test in physical education and I was required to do high Jump. Never been good in sports, I worried that I would fail the test because the pole seemed so high that it is impossible for me to Jump over it. Though, I believed in myself that I would beat my fear and Jumped over the pole. Unexpectedly, I did the first Jump well. Then the height was increased to 1. 5 m. My fear got bigger, but to quit at that time would be a ass.

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Hence, I ran and Jumped over it. My heart was beating very fast that time. Then I landed smoothly on the mattress and I felt very relieved. After the height was increased again to 1. 75 m I slipped and failed the Jump, but I am glad because I had tried my very best and I did not fail that test. From that point forward, I choose to believe in myself and do my best in everything even though I may fail instead of quitting.