Happiness in her Eyes Life Is not always all about receiving; sometimes, we have to think of others, and give back. This summer for Instance, I performed a very unselfish good deed that I will never forget. When someone hears “good deed” one might automatically think that It Is Glenn clothes to the naked, feeding the hunger, or donating blood to Red Cross. My unselfish good deed, however, was far from all those things. Over the two months of summer, I had the pleasure to accompany and assist my regnant mom.

Growing up, my mom has never told me to do the laundry, clean my room, or cook. I have never picked up a broom, or dusted one shelf. But since my mom is old and with child, I thought to myself that I should not second guess whether or not I should give her a helping hand. I did chores around the house like no other. I even remember turning down a couple of friends to go to the movies, Just so I can stay home and make sure that my mom Is secure and not worrying about anything but herself and my soon to come baby sister.

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Without my mom saying a word, I could tell that she was very proud of me. I saw happiness in her eyes when she saw me doing the right thing without her having to peep a peep. And personally, I was more than delighted for what I have done over summer. When my mom is happy, I am happy. One day, I want to do way more for my mom. I want to make her proud, I want to make her a Queen. She deserves the best, and I will not stop until she gets the best!