First understand then learn all the multipurpose phrases Introduced here because they work In all situations. 2. Fishing Technique: Read the situation carefully then ask the examiners what it means (even if you are sure you understand because they could give you extra points or vocabulary 3. Parroting Technique: If you really go blank, don’t worry. Just say you agree then repeat everything your friend Just said. You’ll still get marks for participation. Bimbo Technique: If you have absolutely nothing to say, repeat this sentence: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand your point. Can you please explain It again? ” 5. Cooperative Technique: If your friend can’t remember a word/phrase or has trouble explaining their ideas, you MUST help him/her by suggesting other words/phrases/ideas. You will get points for teamwork. 6. Equal Opportunity Technique: Never control a conversation by wanting to talk all the time and never giving others a hence.

Instead, always ask other candidates their opinion. Encourage the quiet ones to speak up and you will get higher marks. 7. Anti-Donkey Technique: Pay attention to the time and when it gets closer to the end of 10 miss, just try and agree with one person (even if you really don’t think so in real life! No point being stubborn in the test. ) 8. Concluding Technique: Make sure you agree BEFORE going into the exam room who will be doing the conclusion.

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Pay close attention to the time and steer everyone to making the right conclusion. K If… All of you CAN’T AGREE on a single pilot. You should be able to decide on a single point within 10 of discussing, but If you don’t there Is no penalty. Your group doesn’t have a conclusion.