Not much point in getting it if we’re never here. JERRY We’re here now. Not really. (silence) JERRY Well, things have changed. You’ve been so busy, your job, and everything. Well, I know. But I mean, I like It. I want to do It. JERRY No, It’s great. It’s marvelous for you. But you’re not – EMMA If you’re running a gallery you’ve got to run It, you’ve got to be there. JERRY But you’re not free In the afternoons. Are you? No. JERRY So how can we meet? But look at the times you’re out of the country. You’re never here. JERRY But when I am here, you’re not free in the afternoons. So we can never meet. EMMA We can meet for lunch.

JERRY We can meet for lunch but we can’t come all the way out here for a quick lunch. I’m too old for that. EMMA I didn’t suggest that. You see, In the past… We were inventive… We were determined. , it was… It seemed Impossible to meet… Impossible… And yet we did. We met here, we took this flat and we met In this flat because we wanted to. JERRY It would not matter how much we wanted to If you’re not free In the afternoons and I’m In America. (Silence) Nights have always been out of the question and you know I have a family. EMMA JERRY I know that perfectly well. I might remind you that your husband is my oldest reined.

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EMMA What do you mean by that? JERRY I don’t mean anything by it. EMMA But what are you trying to say by saying that? JERRY Jesus. I’m not trying to say anything. Vive said precisely what I wanted to say. EMMA see. The fact is that in the old days we used our imagination and we’d take a night and make an arrangement and go too hotel. JERRY Yes. We did. But that was… In the main… Before we got this flat. EMMA We haven’t spent many nights… In this flat. JERRY NO. Not many nights anywhere really. EMMA Can you afford… To keep it going… Month after month? JERRY Oh… EMMA It’s waste. Nobody comes here.

I Just can’t bear to think about it, actually. Just… Empty. All day and night. Day after day and night after night. I mean the crockery and the curtains and the bedspread and everything. And the tablecloth I brought from Venice. (Pause) It’s Just… An empty home. JERRY It’s not a home. I know…. I know what you wanted… But it could never… Actually be a home. You have a home. I have a home. With curtains, etcetera. And children. Two children in two homes. There are no children here, so it’s not the same kind of home. EMMA It was never intended to be the same kind of home. Was it? You didn’t ever see it as a home, in any sense, did you?

JERRY No, I saw it as a flat… You know. For screwing. JERRY No, for loving. Well, there’s not much of that left, is there? JERRY I don’t think we don’t love each other. Ah well. (pause) What will you do about all the… Jerkwater? The contents. Furniture? JERRY You know we can do something very simple, if we want to do it. EMMA You JERRY That’s right. Wasn’t the bed here? What? Servants it? We bought the bed. We bought everything. We bought the bed together. JERRY Ah yes. You’ll make all the arrangements, then? With Mrs. Banks? I don’t want anything. Nowhere I can put it, you see. I have a home, with tablecloths and all the rest of it.

JERRY I’ll go into it, with Mrs. Banks. There’ll be a few quid, you know, so… EMMA No, I don’t want any cash, thank you very much. I’m going now. Oh, here’s my key. (she struggles with the key ring) Oh Christ. You take it off. (She throws the keys to him, he catches them. ) Can you Just do it, please? I’m picking up Charlotte from school. I’m taking her shopping. (he takes the key of Do you realism this is an afternoon? It’s the Gallery afternoon off. That’s why I’m here. We close every Thursday afternoon. Can I have my key ring? (he gives it to her). Thanks. Listen. I think we’ve made absolutely the right decision.