In my mum. My mum is an excellent person. I remember when she took me out to a nice Chinese restaurant and she bought a cake In my birthday, It was awesome. She always takes up all her time to help me with my problems. Short story That day was a lovely day. Me and my family went to a big forest In the countryside. Although the weather was amazing I was feeling a strange sensation inside of me.

When we arrived, me and my sister went into the deep forest. Both of us like going to scary places. I always used to think that my sister was the bravest person that I hadn’t seen before, but no any more since that time. We found a little cottage and of course, we went inside. As we were opening the door, we noticed that someone was inside. As I expected, my sister didn’t get scared, but I ran back outside. The person who was inside, turned on the light, and we could see that she was an old woman.

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She said to us “Oh hello, I had turned the light off because I like eating without light” and she invited us to go in. As she was walking, she was dropping everything on the floor, It was in that moment when we realized that she was blind, because her eyes was white. Suddenly my sister screamed because she saw a human head in a shelf. We ran out and we got lost in the deep forest. We were running for about 5 minutes when I saw our parents. They had been looking for us for 5 hours. It was such a relieve to see them again.