My Magical Pet I am twelve years old and don’t have any siblings. Both my parents’ have a long n tiring work schedule. I have a pet dog his name is Gucci. It’s a charming dog. He is always waiting for me to come from school. When my parents are too busy and don’t have time to play with me, they send me to my room to play with my toys and Gucci would always follow me. In the beginning I was upset and frustrated of being alone. However I soon got used to it. I could stay in my room for hours n talk to

Gucci, play new ticks with him and share my feelings and experiences. One evening g something unusual occurred. Gucci started talking to me. He asked me to follow him. My curiosity rose to a notch and decided to investigate further. We walked through my bedroom mirror into a magical world of animals. There was a flying horse, a giant rabbit, a cat that could walk like humans. They all greeted me and set a table for the tea party. Gucci insisted me to Join his friends.

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They told me stories of their magical oral, the wicked witch, ruthless king and many more. The flying horse took me for a ride on its back. I was overjoyed and it was an unforgotten experience. Finally, Gucci told me it was time to go home. I was unhappy to leave but Gucci promised to get me back. Once back to my bedroom everything was ordinary. I was lying on my bed and Gucci was next to me. I could not believe it was Just a dream. It was an incredible experience. I wish someday It would turn true. Till then, I cuddle my pet n went off to bed!!