My alarm clock blares for attention but I roll over slamming the button quieting the antsy alarm. “Good morning, Sleeping Beauty. ” Lindsey says In a sarcastic tone. “Good morning, Cinderella. ” I bicker back ” Ha, Hal So funny. ” She shuffles from her dresser to her suitcase throwing In random clothes attempting to have some organization. “You should get up and start packing. ” “l will, eventually. ” “You shouldn’t have gone out last night. ” I start to get up wanting to leave. Mimi know you aren’t my mom. ” “l know I’m not but I care. ” “If you care so much you should shut up” Gosh! Why are you like this?

All you care about Is forgetting about the real world and looking good. I don’t know why I am your friend. ” I place my feet on the floor, grabbing my phone getting ready to run. “You’re my friend because you have no one else. ” I leave the dorm tired of talking to her. I walk down the hallway feeling my stomach begging to purge last night’s sins. I start to walk faster and faster barely making it to the bathroom as I empty my stomach into the porcelain bowl. Washing my hands with the cheap pump soap, I look at my reflection. I see a messy nest of amber curls, bloodshot green eyes, and makeup streaking my face. 22 buzz, my phone vibrates in my hand, I look down to read the screen. “See you in 5 @ usual spot. ” I rush down the stairs not caring that I look like I got run over by a car. As I walk I feel the pebbles and soft, green grass between my toes. I make it halfway across campus to our usual spot and see Andy smoking his cigarette with a tunnel of smoke escaping his mouth. “You look good. ” He says sarcastically as he hands me a cigarette and lights it for I blow the smoke out of my mouth. “Thanks… Can’t you tell that I try hard. ” He laughs his usual deep chuckle that makes you smile even when that’s the last thing oh want. So… Are you ready? “For Florida? ” “Yes. What else could you possibly Is ready for? ” “You’d be surprised. ” I take another long drag and exhale once again. “l don’t think I’ll ever be ready for Florida. ” “Then why are you going? ‘ know why… L never got an Internship for New York… L can’t Just stare at the same mountains and people In North Carolina all summer. ” “You have me. ” he grabs my waste scooting closer to me. We make a long eye contact, that’s uncomfortable for most. He has deep brown eyes that hold so much soft lips touch mine. He pulls back, “Go take care of yourself for once.

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He brushes a strand of frizzy hair out of my eyes. “l think you should listen to your own advice. ” Standing up he grabs my hands and pulls me up, grabbing my waste pulling me into a hug. “Please don’t do anything stupid. ” He kisses my lips one last time and slowly walks away. I watch him disappear into the mountainside. “Oh, how I will miss him. ” I think to myself. I walk up to the cafeteria grabbing an apple and then making my way to the dorm room. I bit into the ripe, red Juicy apple. I love the taste but my stomach is begging to purge itself again. I wont allow it although it has a mind of its win.

I throw the apple into the trash barely making it as I make the slow climb to the fifth floor. Chapter 2 “Bliss! Wake-up! ” Lindsey is shaking me awake aim… One second” I mumble. “We need to get on the road now if we are going to get anywhere. ” aim… ” I start to drift away again when I hear Lindsey asking, “Where’s your suitcase? ” Mimi know that’s good question. ” “Look at you, you’re a mess. You haven’t taken a shower since last night, you haven’t packed… ” I interrupt before she can continue nagging. “Shut-up. I’ll be ready in thirty. ” “Let me help. ” “l can manage on my own but thanks.

I rush around like a mad woman, trying to pack, take a shower and clean our dorm so it looks decent for the summer guest. I know I wouldn’t have this stress if I didn’t lie down but my body already made its mind before I could oblige. I finally finish other necessities; its not like there wont be a Wall-Mart though. “I’m ready… ” “Finally. ” We make it to the car throwing are bags into the trunks and start the engine which sputters for a moment. We think nothing of this because it’s a weekly occurrence for our deluxe lemon. Four hours into the trip we start to hear the engine sputter. “Uh! Pull over here. I say in annoyed tone. “Okay. ” Lindsey pulls over the car. “Grab the antifreeze… It’s in the trunk. ” Getting out of the car, I spot the first vehicle we’ve seen in a while. The man rolls down his window, “you girls having’ some car trouble? ” miss sir. ” We say in unison. “Let me help yea… ” Before we can protest, he pulls his black truck forward, parks it, and hops out. “I’m a mechanic. What’s the problem? ” “The car sputtered this morning but didn’t think anything of it until now. ” “Him…. Let me grab my things. ” Walking to his truck, I get an uneasy feeling and want to get out.

He starts to make small talk while tinkering with the engine. “Watch your names? ” “I’m Bliss and this is Lindsey,” I say, pointing to her. “What’s your name? ” “George, nice to meet you. You know something; you two girls are so pretty you shouldn’t be driving out here in the no man’s land all alone. ” “l think we’re Just fine but thanks for your concern,” Lindsey snappily says. I glare at her, wanting to make sure we don’t tick this guy off. Muff think that now.

My mind racing, bickering with my feet, Muff need to get out of here before he takes you into the house. ” “l know, but Just wait,” my reasonable side responds. “If you try to run now, where would you go? ” We arrive at the farmhouse and it doesn’t have the same appeal it had in the distance. The old paint falls to the floor, the weeds climb the walls, the grass strives to grow tall, and the uneven floorboard only attempts harmony. Walking in the door, I see a couch, a dresser and a trunk with a padlock. “Welcome to your new home. ” “This isn’t my house. ” miss it is. Please, appreciate what I am doing for you.

As he says this, he saunters to the dresser, opens it, rummages thru it, and pulls out a baby blue nightgown. “Put “Okay. Where’s the bathroom? ” “Down the hall. ” He points to the door and I start to walk but his hand stops me. Mire’s changing here. ” To afraid to say no, I comply. I tentatively take off my tee shirt with his beady eyes starring at me. I slip the nightgown over my head and then take off my shorts, not wanting to reveal more than I have to. “Oh, that Just looks lovely! ” I look down, not seeing what this baby blue potato sack does for me, but I decide to play along. miss, it is does. Thank you very much. No problem, my dear. Come with me. It’s time to meet the other girls. ” As I walk down the hallway, I count the doors and try to remember which floorboard creaks. We arrive at the third door and I see two girls Jolt upright as he opens the door. The room has three small beds, with no windows, no lights, and the door is the only way out. I look at each girl and they look strangely familiar. That’s when I notice that they all have amber hair with bright green eyes, small potty lips, and a petite figure… They look Just like me. “Everyone meet… ” His sentence wanders and, assuming he doesn’t know my name,

I Jump in. “It’s Bliss. ” “No, no. That was your name but now that you live here your name will be Faith. ” “Uh, k. What are your names? ” I look at the girls and see the same fear in their eyes. “They are Hope and Joy. ” He says pointing to the two girls. “I’ll be back later. I have work to do. Oh, how I will miss looking at my lovely girls. ” He walks out of the room and I Just stand there, unsure of what to do. “Hey… You can sleep in the bed between us. ” Hope says as she pats the bed. “Thanks. ” I sit down on the hard bed. “Are your names actually Hope and Joy? ” “No, he changed my name.

My name is Amy. ” I look at Joy, hoping she will say something so I direct the question towards her. “What did your name used to be? ” “Me? ” Joy points to herself with a look of astonishment. miss, you. ” “Mum… My name is Elli. ” “Nice to meet both of you. ” I lay down, not wanting to ask to many questions. Elli speaks up, “l hope he doesn’t do anything to you. ” “What do you mean? ” “Just don’t misbehave or try to escape… Okay? ” anemia of course not. ” I cringe at the sound of my own words. I hate those people that sound like they know it all and I hate it when I do the same thing.

After lying on y back, I realize Just how tired I am. I don’t know the time, where I am, or what’s going to happen. I let my eyelids close and I fall into a deep sleep that allows my current concerns to be washed away. Chapter 4 “Faith, Faith. ” I hear the soft whisper of someone waking me. I open my eyes; annoyed someone is shaking me out of a peaceful slumber. I roll over to see Hope hovered over me, “What? ” I say in an annoyed voice. “He gave us sandwiches and some water thought you would like one… ” anemia, I do. ” I grab the sandwich out of her hands. “Thanks” “No problem. ” peanut butter. “Ohm… Is is better than I expected. ” Joy lets out a snicker, Mimi get used to it. ” “The sandwich or the conditions? ” I asked puzzled. “Both… Level been here so long it becomes monotonous. ” “How many days is that? ” She walks over to her bed and pulls it out from the wall. I see a bunch of small etches, “Joy, what’s that? ” “That’s how many days Vive been in hell… ” “And… Uh… How many days is that? ” “One hundred fifty two days… Hope’s been here for sixty two days… You one day. ” I’m shocked to think she’s been captive for so many days. All the things she missed or hasn’t experienced because of this beast.

I’m sorry… You guys have missed so much… That… That,” Before I can finish my sentence Joy butts in. “Don’t be sorry, please. ” She has a pitiful look written on her face. aim. Its Just… You guys have missed out on so much and that’s all I was sorry for. ” “I’m well aware of what I have missed, there is no need for you to remind me,” she says in a bitter tone. There is something inside me that is begging me to tell her all the good memories Vive had in those days. “Oh Bliss! ” Lindsey yells in a singsong tone. “Do you know what day it is? ” Mimi know I don’t think I do. ” I say in a sarcastic tone.

It’s the day I saved you. ” She says this like its some great achievement of hers, but really I didn’t need saving. All she’s done since that day is been the mom I never had. I never had a mom for that reason; I want to make my own decisions and my own choices. I never needed or wanted guidance. Even though I disagree with this whole “saving” me day, I reply with, Ana… Your right this is the day you saved me. ” Even though I have this deep hatred for Lindsey there’s a part of me that loves her. “Hello! You there? ” Hopes snapping her fingers in my face bringing me back to reality. “LINDSEY?

Where’s Lindsey? ” I ignore her question, realizing Lindsey isn’t here. “Who are you talking about? ” they both say in a confused unison. “My friend… She was with me… ” “With you when? ” don’t know… It’s all a blur… But she should be here. We go everywhere together. ” “She’s not in this room. So we don’t know. ” I hear the door handle rattle, I spring up and run towards it. “WHERE’S LINDSEY? ” I scream. Mimi finally noticed she wasn’t with you… ” He has an evil smirk on his face. “And you say you’re here mend. ” “l AM HERE FRIEND! WHERE IS SHE? TELL ME! ” “She wasn’t as pretty or as special as you.

I can’t have her contaminate my three lunge towards him. You can tell he enjoys antagonizing me. “She’s in my museum of ugliest. ” “Museum… Of… ugliest? ” I don’t know what this means and the puzzlement’s written all over my face. anemia, don’t worry about. ” He leaves the door open and it tempts me but I don’t take the bait. “Now… Who wants to go first? ” “I’ll go. ” Joy volunteers before anyone can ask questions as to what is happening. “Joy, my brave soul and you two are the weak ones. Just know this; you won’t want to go last. ” He takes Joy by the arm and shuffles her out of the room.

Hope and I are left there both confused and speechless. Hope walks to her bed and lays face down. I can tell she has fallen asleep but I am too awake for sleep. All I know is we need to get out of here. Chapter 5 Sitting and starring at the same lifeless wall with the same shade of grey slathered onto its body wishing it were Platform 9% has become my occupation. Hope sleeps away here worries and I’m unsure how because sleep never occurs for me. Even when my heavy eyelids close I have vivid dreams. I can’t take the cramped quarters anymore, starring at the same walls, being with the same person… Lam Just… Lam done! I utter out loud. I look over towards Hope; glad to see she hasn’t shuffled in my sudden outburst. I’m surprised when she murmurs. “Such a positive attitude. ” She rolls over with dark circles that have only become darker, her frizzy hair can longer be contained, and her body constantly slumped. We are both tired, both done, and both want to get out of this hell. If I had the energy I would bicker back with her even though I know that will do no good. I decided to state the white elephant in the room, “Where do you think Joy is? ” Looking me in the eyes she says. “l don’t want to let my imagination run wild… Her voice trails off as her eyes wonder over to Joys bed. I see a tear run down her cheek as she tries to contain her emotions, her thoughts. “1… 1… What happens if she doesn’t come back? What will happen to us… To me? ” You can hear the desperation in her voice and I want to reassure her but know she will hear the same desperation, the same fear in me. Mimi know what? You’re right let’s not imagine anything. Okay? ” “Okay… ” She’s unsure and I know the mysteries killing her like it kills me. We stare at each other blankly, there are so many questions I want to ski but they all seem too personal. “Do you want play a game… Eke truth or dare? ” Hope says. “Sure… ” I’m unsure where this is headed, but seems like a better idea then the monotony we’ve been living. “l choose truth then. ” “l was hoping you would choose dare… But okay. ” Before she can continue, I ask. “Who’d you want me to choose dare? ” “Honestly? ” miss! ” “Because, you seem braver then me or anyone and was goanna tell you to get us out of here if you choose dare. ” there’s no way out of this. ” Her face turns to a sadden expression and begins to cry uncontrollably. Vive never been good with emotions. I always find a way to hid mine and when people express there’s I run in fear.

Deciding I should do something besides starring at her like a dumb dog, I move over to her bed. She scoots over to me resting her wet cheek onto my shoulder continuing to cry. I rub her back with an air of awkward exuding from me. I whisper, “It’s goanna be okay. We’ll get out of here. ” I hope she believes me because I sure don’t. She looks at me, her skin glistening with tears. “But… But… L thought you said it was impossible? ” “Honestly… It is. ” I know that doesn’t help the current situation but I know from experience that sugar coating never helps the situation.

Her face is ridden with sadness, pain, and fear. I feel the same things however; I never dare to express them. “Since truth or dare didn’t work out… ” I move over to my bed sitting Indian style. “Want to her a story? ” Her eyes widen in excitement. “Oh! Yes, please! ” I’m unsure what to tell her, how to tell her, but settle on telling her about me. “Once upon a time, there was a young girl who loved life. She would skip in the meadows with her mom, placing the delicate white flowers behind her ears. Life was good until the big bad wolf came and took her mom away. She was very sad and cried for her mom every night.

The big bad wolf came back and took care of the damaged child. They grew a mutual love for one another and he turned out to not be so bad. She grew up trying to be perfect, trying to get acceptance. However, she grew tired of that and turned into the big bad wolf herself. She wanted to escape from the world and eventually did. She turned to the magical world and never wanted to escape. This eventually led to a life of artificial Bliss. ” I looked over to see that she had fallen into a deep slumber. I rolled over with a tear dribbling down my cheek and forced myself into sleep.