Two students, Fee and Jerry, talk about a popular hobby Jerry: Hi Fee, how’s the new Job going? Feb.: It’s very exciting and I’m really learning a lot. At the same time, It’s also quite tiring. I need a break today. Jerry: How about If we go to lunch together? Feb.: No, I want to do something more active. I have an Idea. Why don’t we go to the park and fly a keel Jerry: Are you kidding? Fee: No, I’m serious. Flying kites is an ancient tradition here. Look, I have this kite my uncle gave me. Jerry: Hey, it’s a butterfly.

It must look really cool flying high in the slyly Fee: So, are you up for it? Jerry: Okay… But where can we flay kite in such a big city? Fee: We can go Just down the street, at the Workers Stadium. Jerry: You can fly kites in the stadium? Fee: Well, not exactly. But we can fly them in the parking lot. Let’s go! Jerry: Okay, I’m right behind you! (Twenty minutes later, they arrive at the north gate of the Workers Stadium. ) Jerry: Wow! So many kites! Fell: Watch your step! Don’t get run over by the roller-skating, Jerry: I have to watch out for those football players too! I didn’t know this Is such a popular place.

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Fell: I used to come here as a kid to play, and at night my mother and grandmother sometimes came to dance. Jerry: All of these kites are really beautiful. Look at that long one over there. It looks like a dragon to me. Fee: That’s right, it is. The dragon is really impressive, but I prefer the bird kite over there. Don’t you think it’s amazingly graceful? Jerry: Yes, it looks like a real bird flying! It obviously takes real skill to fly these special kites. I’m eager to see your butterfly up among the clouds. Fee: Okay, hold onto the kite while I get the string ready. On the count of three, let go.

One… Two… Three… Here we go!!! English Conversation 2: Fee is helping Jerry decide what gifts to give to his family back home Fell: HI Jerry. Jerry? Oh,Jerry!! Jerry: Oh, Hal Fell. I didn’t hear you approaching. Fee: You were really lost in thought. Or were you sleeping? Jerry: No, I wasn’t sleeping, just thinking. Fee: About what? Jerry: Well, I’ll be going back home to visit my family for a couple of weeks. Fee: That’s great. It’s been a while since you’ve seen them, hasn’t it? Jerry: Yes, it’s been quite a while. Fee: So, you must be thinking about how happy you’ll be to see them again.

Jerry: Yes, that’s true. But I’m also thinking about what kinds of gifts I should bring back from China for everyone – my brother, my sister, her husband and daughter, and of course, for my parents. Fell: Of course, you want to bring back some traditional things. How about some Chinese kites? Jerry: Hey, that’s a good Idea! You and I had a lot of fun flying kites together. I’m sure my niece would get a kick out of flying a Chinese-style kites too. Fee: And maybe you could bring back some masks from the Beijing Opera. Exotic too! My parents will really like them.

Okay, now I have to think of something to buy my sister. That’s a tough one! Fee: Don’t be so pessimistic, Jerry. Does she like exotic fashions? Maybe you could bring back a equip, a traditional Chinese dress. Jerry: Of course! Another great idea! How do you think of these ideas so easily, Fee? Fee: Hey, you said it before… I’m a genius! Ha ha ha. Jerry: Okay, now the toughest people to shop for – my brother and my sister’s husband. What in the world could I bring back for them? Fee: Didn’t you tell me that your brother is studying Chinese now? Jerry: Yes, that’s right.

He hopes to come to China after he graduates from university. Fee: So why not buy him a DVD so that he an watch a movie in Chinese? Jerry: Sure, he’d love that. He’s crazy about gung if movies, so he can have fun and learn at the same time! You amaze me, Fee. Fee: Geniuses will do that! Okay, now for your brother-in-law. I think you’re on your own there! Jerry: Well, I could Just get him a “I’ve been to the Great Wall” t-shirt. Fee: Or maybe he’d like a Chinese kite too. Or maybe a gung if DVD. Jerry: Right, or maybe a equip! Fee: That’s a silly idea!! Jerry: Yes, you’re right.

He’s much too fat to wear a equip! English Conversation 5: Jerry wants to visit the Great Wall, so he asks Fay for some suggestions Jerry: Fay, I’ve heard it said that you are not a “true man” until you’ve stood on the Great Wall. I’d like to visit the Wall this weekend. Do you know how I can get there? Fay: There are two ways to go there. You could go there directly by bus or train, or you could Join a group tour. Jerry: Is one way better than the other? Fay: Going with a group is certainly more convenient. Everything is taken care of for you, including lunch and tickets to places of interest along the way.

It usually costs around 100 ARM. Jerry: That sounds like a good deal. Fay: On the other hand, if you go directly, you won’t stop along the way, which means oh can spend more time at the Wall itself. It’s also cheaper. Jerry: Well, I like to go off on my own. I think going directly would be better for me. Do you know how I can get there? Fay: I’ve heard the cheapest way is by minibus number 919, which you can catch near the Justinian subway station. It costs only 10 Yuan! There’s also a train which starts on the west side of the city which goes directly to the Wall, but I’ve never taken it.

I know there’s a small station outside the west gate of Beijing Aeronautics University. You could go there and ask around. Jerry: That’s very close to where I live, so I’ll check it out! By the way, have you ever been to the Great Wall? Fay: Yes, I have. It was VERY impressive! Not only is it so long, but I was surprised at how steep the steps are. It’s almost like climbing a mountain! The scenery from the wall is quite spectacular. Looking out from the Wall, you can really get a sense of history. Jerry: Great! I’m really looking forward to it. So Fay, since you’ve been to the Great Wall, you are a “true man”, right?

Fay: Yes, now I drink lots of beer and even smoke cigars! Jerry: Really?!? Fay: Of course not, I’m Just kidding! Fee: Hi Jerry, what’s wrong? You look a bit under the weather. Jerry: I’m not feeling ere well. I seem to be coming down with another cold. Fee: Not again! You had a cold last month, and the month before that, too. Jerry: Well, there’s not much I can do about it. I’m not sick on purpose. All I can do is take some medicine and take it easy. Fee: Would you mind if I made a suggestion? Jerry: No, I don’t mind. Go ahead. Fee: Maybe you should try some traditional Chinese medicine.

Jerry: If it can help me get rid of this cold, I’d be willing to give it a shot. Fee: Actually, it might not make a difference with this cold, but it can make your whole body stronger so you won’t catch so many colds. Jerry: What’s so special about traditional Chinese medicine? Fee: One special point is that it’s all natural. Chinese medicine is made from plants, not chemicals, which means there are few side-effects. Jerry: That’s a big advantage. Some people can’t stand the thought of taking medicine because of all the chemicals. Fee: Another advantage is that Chinese medicine works slowly, so it keeps your body healthy in the long run.

Jerry: That sounds like Just what I need! But, how does traditional Chinese medicine work? Fee: Basically, it helps balance two opposing forces in your body. In Chinese, we call these forces “Yin”, which is cold, dark and diet, and “Yang”, which is hot, bright and active. If you have either too much “Yin” or too much “Yang”, your body is out of balance, and you are more likely to get sick. The purpose of traditional Chinese medicine is to put “Yin” and “Yang” back in balance. Jerry: I see. So how can I get my hands on some Chinese medicine. Can I buy it in any pharmacy?

Fee: First, you should be examined by a traditional doctor. I know a good doctor Just around the corner. Jerry: I’m a bit afraid, Fee. Will he give me any shots or anything like that? Fee: Don’t be afraid, Jerry. The doctor will Just feel your pulse and check the color of your tongue. It’s very simple and painless! Jerry: Great! I have some free time at the end of next week. How’s your schedule on Thursday or Friday? Fee: I’m free both days. I’ll call the doctor to set up an appointment, then let you know what has been decided. Jerry: That’s wonderful Fee. It should be a very interesting experience for me.

English Conversation 4: Jerry tells Fee about his first visit to a primary school Jerry: Hi Fee, how was your day? Fee: Hi Jerry, I’ve been looking for you. Where have you been? Jerry: I Just had a very interesting experience. I spent the whole day with dozens of little children! Fee: That sounds like fun. Jerry: Yes, it was fun… But exhausting! Kids have so much energy. Fee: Where did you meet all these kids? Jerry: At the primary school down the street. I visited some of their classes in the morning, then taught them some simple English in the afternoon. Fee: English must be very difficult for them.

Jerry: Actually, they were very eager to learn. I was quite impressed. Fee: What did you teach them? Jerry: One teacher gave me some sentences to practice. The kids love to repeat things times I whispered, and they whispered back. They were very cute. Fee: Yes, I can imagine. Jerry: We also sang songs and played some English games together. Fee: That’s great. You know, when I was in primary school, we never had English lessons. Jerry: How about in middle school? Fee: We studied English, but only for a test. It wasn’t very practical. Jerry: Well, you’ve managed to learn English very well.

I guess it’s because you’re a “Super Student”. Fee: Ha ha ha. Not me! The kids you saw today seem to be much more “super” than I am. They’re the future of China. Jerry: Yes, they are, so China must have a bright future! I wonder what this country will be like in 15 or 20 years when these kids are adults… English Conversation fee invites Jerry to go sing some songs with her friends Fee: Hey Jerry, my friends Just invited me to go to “aka la okay” with them tonight. Would you like to come along? Jerry: Where are you going? California? Do you mean karaoke?

We pronounce it “carry Oh key” in English, with the emphasis on the “Oh”. Fee: Oh, I see. Do you want to go to karaoke with us? It’ll be fun! Jerry: Fee, I feel nervous when someone hands me a microphone. I freeze. I know I’m not a very good singer. Fee: That’s strange! I thought Americans were very outgoing. Jerry: Not me! I’m very shy, especially in front of a group of strangers. Fee: Hey, my friends aren’t strange! Jerry: “Strangers” Just means “people I don’t know”. It doesn’t mean they are strange! Was it easy for you to sing the first time you went to karaoke? Fee: For me it was very easy, I love to sing!

But now that you mention it, some of my friends were very shy the first time they went. One of my friends says he has to have some beer before he can sing in front of people. Maybe you should have one or two drinks before singing. Jerry: Yeah, one or two beers might help… Or twenty! Fee: Does that mean you’ll come? Jerry: Okay, I’ll give it a try. At the karaoke club… Jerry: Oh, it’s a private room! I thought we’d be singing in a crowded bar or restaurant. Fee: No, we have this all to ourselves. Jerry: That will make it easier maybe. Now, how does this work? Fee: It’s simple. Just choose a song and sing.

Do you know “Hotel California”? Jerry: Sure, everybody knows it. Fee: Great, here it comes now! Good luck Jerry! Jerry: What do you mean? I’m not ready to sing yet. I haven’t even had ONE beer! Fee: You’ll Just have to do your best. You know what they say: “Just do it! ” Jerry starts to sing. Two hours later… Fee: Jerry, how many songs have you sung? Jerry: Oh, at least 10. Fee: I think it’s been more like 20. Time to go home! Jerry: Time to go home? But we’re Just getting started. Let’s stay half an hour more. Fee: Sorry, we have to go to work in the morning and you have to study.

We’ll come back some other night. Jerry: Great! How about tomorrow? Fay: Hi Jerry. The school year is almost over. Do you have any plans for the summer holiday? Jerry: I’m planning on sleeping all day, every day! Fay: Oh, come on Jerry, you must be kidding. Jerry: Yeah, I’m Just pulling your leg. Actually, I’m going to go down to Gaucho Province. Fay: Really? Why would you go to Gaucho? It’s not a very popular tourist site. Jerry: Exactly! It’s not very popular, so it won’t be too crowded. I enjoyed my trip o the Great Wall, but there were so many people there. I think it spoiled the atmosphere a bit.

Fay: I’m sure Gaucho won’t be so crowded. But wont it be too hot in the summer? Jerry: No, according to one of my students, it’s very cool in the summer. He said it is “naturally air conditioned”. Fay: Well, that sounds good. I wouldn’t mind getting away from the Beijing heat myself. Still, I wonder… Is there anything worth seeing in Gaucho? Jerry: Sure! For one thing, there’s the beautiful natural scenery. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Hang Guy Shush Waterfalls. There’s also the Mailing Gorge which is said to be spectacular. There are mountains everywhere in Gaucho, even in the capital city of Gunning.

Fay: Yes, I have heard of Hang Guy Shush Pub, but won’t you get bored Just looking at the scenery? Jerry: Come on Fay, there’s lots of things to do. I can go hiking in Asian Ling Park in Gunning, visit Miami villages in the southeast, and I know you’ve heard of Gunny, a very historical city. It’s where Mao Zee Dong first became the leader of the Red Army. Fay: Gee, when you describe it like that, it sounds really interesting! Jerry: And that’s not all. I’ll be able to eat very delicious, spicy food, drink world-famous amatol, and my student told me I can meet mom very beautiful women there!

Fay: I’m sure you’ll have fun Jerry, but let me give you some advice. Be sure to hold onto your wallet AND your heart! Jerry: We’ll see what happens! Fay: Do you have a place to stay in Gaucho? Jerry: Yes, I’m very lucky. My student’s sister is the manager of the Gaucho Park Hotel, the best hotel in the province. I’ve seen some pictures on the Internet, it’s really nice! But I think outside Gunning, I’ll stay in a Miami village or maybe buy a tent and go camping. Fay: That’s great, Jerry. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos when you get back.