That scared you, didn’t It? You can’t actually see me, but you know that I am here. I think Ill have a little fun with you. After all, you have been very rude and unkind about our family portraits, especially the large one of uncle Frederick In the drawing room. (Emma runs around the room blowing on Mr.. Adams. ) You TLD like that did you? A strange draught Indeed! That was Just a little gentle breeze. Walt till I conjure up a huge wind. (She blows and blows until she falls back, exhausted. ) Running away? Never coming back? I can move furniture too.

Do you want to see that? Watch this plate I can focus on It … Lift It from the cupboard… Move It across the room… And… Whoops It’s smashed on the floor I didn’t mean to do that, really I didn’t. I only wanted to scare you’ (Mr.. And Mrs. Adams run out. ) It’s quiet now. Funny, that’s the third couple who left today. It’s a pity my family have got to sell the house… It takes so much money to run it. Someone should buy it and restore it to the house I remember so well . The beautiful gowns… The Christmas balls… The handsome suitors… The lights… E laughter I loved my house here. Until… Falling off the horse! Wait… Someone else is coming. I’d better get ready to greet them. (Mrs. Eden enters the room. ) I think she can feel my presence. She’s smiling. She says she likes the furniture… She loves the view from the window, she says she likes the atmosphere! Could she be worthy of the house? She looks nice. I might even grow to like her. I wonder if she could see me. She’s looking in my mother’s mirror. (Emma calls out to Miss Eden) Don’t turn round. Not yet. Now you can. I’m right behind you!

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