I’d let my guard down and possibly get caught and reported by a nosy co-worker. If that doesn’t happen, I would begin to question whether anyone knows I exist; whether anyone doesn’t know or Just doesn’t care about me or the work I do. I’d also consider that maybe I’m the boss’s favorite and it has been overlooked as a result. Jazzing 2. If I don’t get a stern talking to the first two or three times, I would probably continue to do so, increasing frequency in lateness. Most likely, however, I would get a verbal warning, a written warning and then a loss of Job. If I never seem to meet a deadline how do I still have a Job? My clients would have long moved on to someone else who can meet their timely concerns. 4. Complaining about the boss in the lunch room is a serious risk to take, especially with coworkers. If I did that, they better be good friends, but there would still be a good chance that either the boss or someone who doesn’t like me can overhear and find a way to use it against me. Complaining about it on Backbone can be an Invasion of privacy, especially if my settings are set on private.

If I still publicly Insulted my boss and it was discovered, there is a good chance he wouldn’t say anything to my face, but would never look at me the same. Reputation ruined with a good reference gone. 5. This Is Just bad parenting. Skipping a child’s performance to watch a TV show is almost never acceptable. The lack of support would result In bad relations with the child In the long run. These kinds of actions would likely Increase In frequency and the child would begin to have behavioral problems In order to seek parental attention.

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