How does a person know he/she has achieved genuine happiness? A person can tell that he/she has achieved genuine happiness once he/she has a positive perspective towards life. Such an attitude influences a person’s manner of treating other people. Happiness is the key to a successful Journey In life. The Important role my family played taught me the satisfaction of love and not material things. Similarly, my friends taught me the Importance of being treated equally for we are born to be true not to be perfect. The unconditional love my family has shown me has truly shaped my knowledge of nine happiness.

First, my family taught me that the satisfaction of happiness Is not through material things but the love shared with one another. For example, when I was young my aunt would always buy me toys and other stuff that would make me happy. As I grew up I realized that any material things wouldn’t satisfy me because they are temporary happiness a person can have. More importantly it made me realized that my family is more than enough for me. Additionally, my family also taught me that failure is a key to success, which leads us to happiness.

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For example, I eave always tried my very best at school but sometimes I don’t meet my expectations and achieve my goals. Nevertheless, my family never makes me feel bad about my self and my grades. Instead they remind me that grades doesn’t determine how good of a person or what kind of a person you are. In conclusion, true happiness is the love and acceptance that a family can provide. My friends are my second family who completes my happiness. First of all, my friends taught me the importance of being treated equally with one another. As for me, I have friends that are different races, beliefs, and personality.

However no matter what our differences are, they never fail to prove to me that they’re my real friends they manage to give me the respect that I need and most importantly they accept me as the person who I am. Furthermore my friends embraced me with the knowledge of being contented with what I have and to appreciate them. As an example, Vive always thought having new clothes and shoes will make me happy. However that Is not what matters. It’s about having a simple and true friendship that made me realize how blessed I am with what I have and that I should always be artful and thankful.

In conclusion, with all the love and acceptance received from my friends I can say that they were the key to my happiness. Overall, my friends and my family played Important roles that taught and helped me find the true meaning of happiness. Without them, my happiness wouldn’t be so meaningful and precious. Throughout my journey finding my happiness I realized the importance of my family and friends. In order to achieve true happiness, we should accept and love ourselves first.