Everyone has feelings and everyone responds to it their own way. Also, feelings can bring happiness or sadness in people’s lives. At different times, I have withheld my feelings, displayed my feelings, and described my feelings. First of all, when I wanted something from someone, I withheld my feelings. For example, when I was fifteen years old, I learned how to ride a motorbike from one of my neighbor friends. After I learned properly, I wanted my parents to buy me a motorbike.

At that time I was In high school, and I was not even working so I could not ay a motorbike on my own. I wanted to tell my parents to buy me one, but I could not tell them. I thought a lot about what they have done for me and also about the money. At the same time, they had a lot of responsibilities and some family problems so I didn’t feel like to tell them what I wanted. Second, by telling one of my friends that I did not Like her, I displayed my feelings. I did not like her the way she used to react with people. Also, the way she used to interfere in other people’s lives.

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For instance, I was studying in high school, and as usual all friends used to go out on weekend. One day, during a break, we were making plan where to go on weekend. One of my friends came there and started arguing without knowing anything about our plan. Everyone knew her behavior, so they just left from there. Before I left from there, I told her that no one likes her because of her behavior, and I also do not like it. It might have hurt her feelings, but I think it was good for her to know it what people think about her.

Finally, when I see something wrong going on around me or I do not like someone or something doing wrong, I described my feelings. Specifically, my parents used to take out their anger on me because of their fight or some problems they had. I did not tell them anything like why they took out their anger on me even though it was not my fault. I used to think that, if I say something, then they would get angry with me. So I always described my feelings in diary or book because I did not want to tell anyone.