Outside Speaker Critique I sat in on a lecture about HAVE on October 1 . 2013 at 6:00 p. M. John Freeman was the speaker. He has been doing heating and alarm services for almost 29 years. In this lecture there were all men between the ages of 20 to 40. In the audience are five to seven different heating and alarm conditioning companies, one being Mr.. Freeman’s. I am the only female. The purpose of this lecture was to Inform workers about refrigerants and compressors. To begin his presentation Mr..

Freeman nonchalantly alike to his audience about how work was, gas prices, how their day was. He did this to help bring a friendly atmosphere into the room. I believe he did a very good job at this. The audience was not talking until he did this very informal introduction. This helped get the audience involved and show that he genuinely cared for his audience. One thing that Mr.. Freeman did do to help support main points in his presentation was to use a power point presentation. When he was talking about refrigeration systems he used the power point to help emphasize his point about sing it and knowing how to use it properly.

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The speaker’s main points to someone on the outside are very confusing. Mr.. Freeman did a very good job at explaining them. L, as someone the outside, began to understand why refrigerant is important. I also learned how important it is to know what you are doing before you do something. I can use this with my life. Research and knowledge are traits you need to have and use every day. By doing this you can help to eliminate failure in your speeches and in life situations. By having a good posture, eye contact, and constantly asking the audience questions he kept them involved.

When giving this presentation Mr.. Freeman asked questions but mostly called on his company to answer these questions. I believe that this was being disrespectful to the other members of the audience. Mr.. Freeman’s good posture and eye contact helped to convey that he knew was he was talking about. One distracting thing Mr.. Freeman did was he had a pen tucked behind his ear. He did not use this pen at all. I felt that It was unnecessary to have. He also had his hands In his pockets a lot of the time. I believe he could have used more hand gestures.

By not walking back and forth a lot this helped to reduce the distractions. By watching Mr.. Freeman I have learned a little more on how good eye contact and posture conveys knowledge. Stating your pollens over facts had some of the audience members arguing. He should have stated facts then a few of his opinions. Mr.. Freeman also let the audience take a break halfway through. Letting the audience take a short relaxing break keeps them focused and interested in what you are talking about. People become antsy when they sit for long periods of time.

If I ever In conclusion I have learned many different things about lectures and speaking. I have also learned about refrigeration and compressors dealing with heating and air conditioning. Good eye contact and posture are good traits to have when doing a speech. Also asking the audience personal questions helps you connect with them and create a friendlier atmosphere. I believe that overall Mr.. Freeman got his points across in a reasonable amount of time and did a good Job of presenting himself and the topic at hand.