When we are free, listen to music, and think about our dreams. Dreams can be normal, simple, great or complex. Dreams living in our brain, sometimes they clear, sometimes they lost. How can we reach our dreams? Have you tried to ask yourself if you have dreams? A person without dreams Just like the earth without sun, everywhere full of darkness; sky without clouds, lonely all the time. If you are dreaming of something that you would like to happen then try to make it happen. I can think of no better motivation force than trying to follow your reams.

Rome was not built in one day, so we cannot reach our dreams one day. The thing we can do now, never give up your dreams, hold your dreams. No matter you are in trouble, how huge the trouble is. Trouble cannot be with you forever. They will leave someday, when they had gone, your dreams from your step closer. The movie “The pursuit of happiness” a real story about U. S. Investment expert Chris Gardner. He was very poor single father of a son. Cheap hotel, park even the train station toilet, has become their shelter. But he never gives up even he only have $21. 3. He had told his son” Do not ever let somebody tell you cannot do something, not even me. You got a dream, you goat protect it. People cannot do something themselves, they want to tell you cannot do It. If you want something, go get It. “When a man In his situation, I do not know how many of them feel hopeless and going to give up. When he got the Job, when he hold his son hand to his house. Material wealth may not mean all the happiness, he and his son’s experience during this difficult time rehabs is his greatest asset.

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What I am trying to say Is never give up, hold your dreams until the last second In your life. So please, don not let anyone steal your dreams, or try to tell you they are Impossible. If you do not have dreams, go and find your dreams. If you have dreams, holds them protect them and let them come true. It Is happiest when you have dreams, especially when dreams come true and affects your life. Dreams make your life rich and colorful, full of sun light. Dreams will come true someday never give up!