Nowadays, English has been used by people to communicate with others whether by writing, listening, speaking and reading. It has been used by many people’s common language. Most of people on this Earth since many decades before 2013 already make a great effort to be good in English whether they are still children or old folks. So do I. I have been learned English since I was five years old till now. Let has been thirteen years old, what a long time. I learn English because it has been so vital nowadays. You can go nowhere without knowing it.

I learn English because of so many reasons. Firstly, it is because English has been the language used by different races, religions and skin colors. It has become the connector and communicator to interact with people worldwide. Moreover, English is used on the Internet by people to deliver something they want. Internet has connected to all regions on this Earth, if we good then we are nearing a better life. Next, English has included as an essential subject in most vital public examinations that make student have to pass with flying colors y getting an ‘A’.

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For example, Malaysia runs this method in our country education. I hope Ia get an ‘A’ for the upcoming SUM result because it is important for me to get a place in y dream university. Furthermore, in the field of work, English is being used to communicate with O’er people. Interview also run in English. English is use to test whether we can speak fluently and spontaneously or not. Without realizing it now on, I am eighteen, that means I am nearing the interview situation and Job phase. I have to be good in English.

Other than that, I also can make new friends via social network such as Backbone, Twitter and Tumble. I can communicate using English. It alls improves my English to be better. If I friend with other people from different country, I can enhance my knowledge about many things In common. As an conclusion, there are many reasons why I have to be good In English. I hope I can achieve perfect knowledge In English. Amen. English opens a wide and massive opportunity to success In life. To achieve this phase, I have to write, speak, listen, read well by hook or by crook.