The Falls Two hundred yards downstream the noise of the falls, muffled by Interwoven trees and undergrowth Is reduced to a quiet murmur. She can hear the soothing repetition of the water as it surges to the river below. She feels a captivating warmth as she wanders along the rivers edge. As she draws near to the falls the continuous pouring water overwhelms the sounds of the wind, insects, and night frogs living in the marshes. It’s a natural sound that never seems to cease.

Curiosity takes over, forcing ere to quicken her pace. In the first bend of the river the water runs strong. The uneven bed of stones, gravel, and sunken logs make the surface ripple and glitter in the late afternoon sun. On either side of the river, masses of plants blossom vividly, ranging from saffron, crimson, and a greenish-white. The odors expelled from within them smell of sweet honey and citrus. It fills the air as does the hum of Insects hovering and gliding over them.

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Every so often a fish rises to the surface to gulp down a fly, disappear and eave only widening circles that soon fade away. At close quarters to the falls there is a whole new array of sounds: booming, gurgling, pattering of spray, sudden spurts and bubbling come and go as the water is thrown off the stones from up above. A soft, gentle mist begins to form on her arms as she moves closer. With a deep breathe; the crisp, fresh air fills her lungs. As she closes her eyes to take yet another breathe, she can taste the dewy sweet air on her tongue.

The falls beckon her to come even closer. She pauses while building the rage to step onto the wet, rigid, slippery rocks in order to move forward toward the raging water. With each step, the fear of falling consumes her. As she enters the frigid water she gasps. There she stands, directly In front of the magnificent waterfall in awe. She can barely make out her reflection in the shimmering, mirror Like wall of water. She becomes overwhelmed, and can hardly breathe. A flock of large birds flies overhead making a path of shadows in their wake.

She feels like a part of nature as she stands ND absorbs her surroundings. She decides to venture over to the side of the waterfall to see what lies behind it. To her amazement, she realizes she can get through to the other side. The hidden cavern that lies behind allows her to feel a certain safety. It looks like the cavern was chiseled away from the rocks behind by many years of water flowing through it. A sandy brown color covers the walls of the cavern; the air heavy with moisture. She turns around to look at the water from a new perspective.

Her eyes widen as she sees whole rainbow of colors flowing through the falls. There Is no detail In the way everything looks outside of the cavern; the landscape seems to blend together creating one big masterpiece. As afternoon approaches she can see the sun creep towards the surface of the cavern. She is reluctant to leave her special paradise which she feels is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Here she finds her inner peace and a sense of tranquility. She makes herself a promise on this day to return to this magical landmark as often as possible.