Which part of your house do you like the most? Why? – What makes your house pleasant? – Do you Like sports? – Describe the kind of spots people do In your country. Why? – Have you ever tried any sport? – Do you think sport affects the person doing it? – Is there any sport you would like to try? Cue Card Describe how you usually communicate with your friends. Please say: – Are you communicating by phone, letters or e-mails?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these ways? – Do your friends agree with this way of communication? – Which way do they prefer? Discussion – Compare letter-writing nowadays and 100 years ago. – What do you think about the future of letter-writing? ; Can you tell me your full name? – Do you work or study? – Would you recommend that job to others? – What places of entertainment have you visited lately? – What entertainment facilities are there in your city? – What other places would you Like there to be? – Do you always take a bag with you when you go out? ; Do you always take the same bag, even to different occasions?

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What is important to you when you choose a bag? Talk about a book you have read and would like to read again. Please say- What book – What Is It about? – What did you learn from It? ; Explain why would you like to read it again? – Do you think that men and women like to read the same type of books? – Do you think that reading a book is more challenging than watching a movie based on the book? – Why do you think some books become internationally popular? – Do you think – What is your full name? – Tell me about the town you live in. – Can you tell me about your relatives and cousins? Who did you like the most from your relatives as a child?

Describe the Journey you were on as a child. Please say: – Where did you go? – Who was there with you? – How was that Journey? – Why do you still remember that Journey? – What benefits can a person get when they travel? – What are the ways of traveling in your country? – Do you think travel will change in the next 50 years? – What is your hometown? – How big is your family? – What Job do you do? – What type of clothes do you prefer? Talk about any historical event. Please say – What was the event? – Where did it take place? – When did it occur? How does the history affect us? – Have you ever been to a museum? What did you learn from it? – Should museums be free for everyone? – What should people send too museum in the future? Interview – Where do you prefer to live, in a house or a flat? Why? – What is your favorite place in your house? Why? Describe a beautiful place of nature that you want to visit. Please say – Where is it? – Whom are you going with? – What can you see there? – How can we preserve places of natural beauty? – How can we protect places of natural beauty? – Do you agree that mining should be prohibited in these areas? – How can we stop How can we add more natural beauty to the city? Why have you chosen your area of studies? – Do you buy clothes over the internet? – What is your favorite style? – Is fashion becoming more important nowadays? Describe your favorite TV show that you enjoy watching regularly. Please say – What is it about? – When is it shown? – Why do you like it? – Is TV losing its popularity to online broadcasting? Why? – Are there any advantages of TV for lonely people? – Are there any dangers of TV for lonely people? – Do you think people will watch less TV in the future? – What do you need to do to make your house look better? What do you like the most about your village? Tell me about the elementary school you went to. – Did you visit your school recently? – What do you miss from your school days? – Are you in contact with your school friends? Talk about the most difficult thing that you have done recently. Please say – What was – What skills did you need to do it? – Why was it important to you to finish this task? – Why do you like to do it? – How did you feel after completing it? – What response did you get from friends and colleagues? – What can I call you? – What do you think about the developments in your hometown currently? What do you think about weddings in your country? What do you think about weddings in the past? – What do you think about the weddings at present? – Who do you invite to the wedding? Talk about a famous person in your country. Please say: – Who is he/she? – What is he/she doing? – Why is he/she so famous? – How do you think people become famous? – What are the problems they face? – Why do they want to be famous?

What is your home town? – What was it like in the past to live in your home town? – How did the situation improve now? – What do you think about dieting? – What do you think about healthy food as opposed to fast food? – Is there a difference between healthy foods in the past and now? Cue Card Talk about your leisure time. Please say – Where do you spend it? – Whom do you spend it with? – Do you enjoy spending it this way? – Are young and older generations using their leisure time differently? – How will – What city are you from? – Do you like living there? – Please tell me about your city and its development.

Describe what kind of exercises people do in your country. – What exactly do they do? – Where do they usually do it? – Why do they do these particular exercises? – I was asked questions on health. – What is the difference between the types of exercises that young and old people do? – Do you like your Job? – What part particularly do you like about it? – Would you like to do the same Job in the future? – Why do people change their behavior when they are in the company of other people? – Why do young people find it important to be part of a group? Cue Card Talk about a holiday or vacation you spent in a group of other people.

Please say – How was it? – Where was it? – What was so nice about it? – Many companies work together trough global trading, what do you think about it? – Why do you think do they do it? – Is it a positive or a negative trend? – What is your name? – How would you like me to call you? – Which part of the country do you come from? – What kind of house would you like to live in? Why? – Which part of the house do you like? Why? – Lets talk about walking. – Do you like walking? Why? – Did you go for walks in your native country? – What makes you think walking is necessary? Talk about your favorite movie.

Please say What movie is that? – What is it about? – How does it make you feel? – Who do you think likes to watch movies more, is it the old or the young generation? Why? – Do you prefer to watch movies in the cinema or at home? Why? – What would be a good way to explain a concept to a person: through a movie or by reading a book on the topic? Why? Interview – What motivated you to take this Job? – Would you like to continue in the same profession in the future? – What is your favorite color? – Why do you like this color? – Did you like the same color when you were younger? – Do you like flowers? What is your favorite flower? When was the last time that you gave flowers to somebody? Cue Card 1 Describe an item you would buy if you received a large amount of money. Pleases say: – What is it? – Why would you buy it? – How would you feel about buying this item? Discussion 1 – Is it easy to get rich nowadays? – What do you need to get rich: luck or hard work? Cue card 2 Describe a sporting event that you enjoyed watching. Please say event? – Where did you watch it? – Whom did you watch it with? – Why did you enjoy watching it? Cue card 3 : – What was the Describe a present you have given to someone recently.

Please say Why did you choose it? – How did the person feel about it? Discussion 3 : – What was it? – How have today’s economy affected the tradition of giving gifts? – What are the most popular presents that people give nowadays? – What is the future trend of this tradition? – Where do you live? – Is it an apartment or a house? – What room do you like the most? – Why do you like your home? – Have you ever driven a car? – What kind of car do you prefer? Why? Talk about science subjects that you learned in high school. Please say – What subjects did you learn? – Did you like any of these subjects? – Describe your teachers.

What do you think about children’s view of science these days? – Do you think nowadays schools do not give proper science education? – What steps for improvement would you consider? – What is the adult’s view of science, do you think? – Who is interested more in current developments in science – businessmen or regular people? – What steps are needed to draw regular people’s attention to science? Interview – What is your favorite room? Why? – What do you like about your house? – Do you like relaxing? – How do you I relax? – Do you think people today can relax as often as in the past? – What meal do you prefer: lunch or dinner?

Do you think breakfast is important? Talk about science subjects you were taught in secondary or high school. Please say – What were the subjects? – Were the teachers good? – Did you like the courses? – Did your friends like the courses as much as you did? – Do you think science has helped the world globally? – Do you think the media can influence people positively? – What has science contributed to the world? – What do you think science has helped us to achieve? – What do you do? – Why did you choose to do this? – Will you stay in this field in the future? – Where did you grow up? – Do you like this place?

What don’t you like about this place? Talk about a happy event in your childhood. Please say – What was it? – Where did it happen? – Who were there with you? – Do you like music? – Is music important in your life? – Do you like to keep your childhood keepsakes? – Why do people keep them? – Do you think old photographs important, as a memory? – How has advancement in technology affected our children? – Do you think it is important to have advancement in technology? – How are young people coping with technology development? – What can we do to assist them? – What is your favorite color? – Did it change since you were a child?

How would you feel if your room was black? – What was your favorite toy as a child? – Did you prefer to play on your own or with other children? Why? – What toys would you buy to your children? Describe a Job that you would like to do. Please say – What Job is it? – What skills do you need to do it? – Why would you like to do this Job? – Why this is it important to you? – What are the consequences of globalization for employees? – Did employees become more culturally sensitive? – What career would you like to have? – Is it important for people to like their Jobs? – How could the person know that he/she would like the Job?

What do you think about aptitude tests? – What are the advantages of working in a team? – Some team members want to share the responsibilities but not the rewards. When do you think this happens? Interview – Do you live in an apartment or a house? – Tell me why do you like your room? – Tell me what do you like about your compound? Describe a business that you would like to start. Please say – Why do you want to do – Who would be your customers, mostly? – What motivates employees the most in their work place? – Are there any benefits to working in a team or a group? – What do you like about your Job?

What things do you like about your native place? Why? – What is the one thing that you dislike in your native place? Why? – If you would have a chance, what would you study in the future? Why? Cue Card Talk about an old person by whom you are influenced. Please say – Who is he/she? – When did you meet him/her? – Why were you inspired by him/her? – Why did you select this Job? – What would you like to do in the future? – What were your favorite toys as a child? – Did you prefer playing with your friends or on your own? – What can you learn from toys? Describe an old person that you like. Please say – Explain why is he/she interesting to you?

What is the normal age for being considered old in your country? – What is the normal age for retirement? – Why don’t old people respect young people? – Do old people Just think they don’t get respect or do young people genuinely disrespect them? Interview – Where do you live at the moment? – Is it a house or an apartment? – Why did you choose to live in a house? – Which room do you like the most, in the house? – Did you visit your school since you have graduated? – Do you still in contact with your classmates? How? – Do you like flowers? Why? – Have you ever given flowers to anybody? – When was it?