That’s right, and you need to remember that all through this game I will conquer what has not been conquered Defeat will not be in my creed I will believe what others have doubted I will always endeavor to pull esteem, honor, and respect out of my team I have rained my mind and my body will follow Who am l?

I AM A CHAMPION’ I will acknowledge the fact that my opponent does not expect me to win But I will never surrender Weakness will not be In my heart I will look to my comrades and to those who are a part of me in this world and those who have trained me And I will draw strength from them I will gladly go out into the field of battle And I will move in everything I can do And I will reach my field of battle by any means at my disposal And when I get there, I will arrive violently I will rip the heart from my enemy, and leave It bleeding on the ground Because he Anton stop me Who am l?

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I AM A CHAMPIONS To my side I have comrades, comrades that have been with me through thick and thin Who have sacrificed their blood, sweat and tears Never will I let them fall, never will I let them down, and I will never leave an enemy behind Because our opponent does not know my heart No one will deny me, no one will define me And no one will tell me who and what I am and can be Belief will change my world It has moved continents, It has moved countries, It has put men on the moon And It will carry me through this battle I don’t understand those definitions

I don’t understand when things go wrong I don’t understand mistakes But I do understand this: I understand victory, And I understand never surrendering No matter how bad things go my heart and my mind will carry my body through limits and weakness Who am l? I AM A CHAMPION! Today will be that day Not tomorrow, not next week, but right now, right here In your house and in your homes History will remember me I will not let worrying affect my cause I will define myself I will write my own pages And no one will tell me what I cannot be I will never give up

Not until Vive given everything I got Because who am l? I AM A CHAMPION! The speech “l Am a Champion” by coach Flowers is an example of a strong voice. When he is attempting to pump up his players, his voice is extremely firm. He uses good diction like the word “bestowed” because he wants to be clear to his players so they know what his point is and what he is trying to portray. Also, he doesn’t stutter or use the word “like” at all during his speech. He wouldn’t use this voice to his elders or co-workers because they would think he is yelling at them or being rude.

He only uses this to his players because he is encouraging them to play their hardest and go out there and win the championship. He also knows that they will listen to him because he is the one that taught them everything and he determines how good they will play. Coach Flowers also does not stutter or use “like” one time in his speech. This shows that he is prepared and he knows what he is talking about. A Strong voice is determined by all of those factors that I described and I believe that coach Flowers does have a strong voice.