Dear Future mum HI? Is it awkward? Well any, how are you? Are you doing fine? Am I thin already? LOL How is it being a Certified Public Accountant In BIRR? Is it hard or kernels Amman? For sure you’re still a Kop lover. Am I right or right? I really can’t Imagine myself not loving kop. Swear. Once a fangled always a fangled nag deal? So, have you seen L. Joe In real life? Because I haven’t #deathtraps So Is he good looking? Oh wait! I already know the answer ha Eve heard you’re already married [tears of Joy Dad huh SSL lucky guy? Is he as good looking as L.

Joe and Is he as gentleman as Sys? (plus laugh) Btw, when and where did you meet him? #curls LOL Hey! Be a good wife and mother, okay? Don’t pressure you child/Rene especially In studies like. Don’t expect too much from them Sal ;aka Lang young Indianapolis. You should spend your free time with your family so that you could get to know them more, so that your family will be able to communicate with you comfortably and so to lessen fights in the family. You should learn to value and cherish your family because they may not be there tomorrow.

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Especially don’t forget to thank the people who helped you in becoming a successful lady. Thank the Lord for everything that He had done to us and the blessing He showered upon your(our) family and to us. (sorry I don’t know our future name), no words can express on how proud am I to you(us). I Just want us to be happy and live a simple life. Even though you are busy, don’t forget to eat okay? Hindi an us young diet(prom diet for me) an yang. Stay healthy, okay? And be happy! Even though you are stress don’t forget to put a smile on our beautiful face.