One bright star Suddenly my eyes were dazzled, I could hardly see at all. The music in my ears: such a heavenly call! As I stood I felt a wonder That Vive never felt before Although my heart was full I Just wanted more! And then as we shepherds listened, We heard angels sing on high: Our Savior had been born! Praises filled the sky! So the celebration started As the life of Christ began. The King of love was born for the sake of man. One bright star shone out that night, Bringing hope to all mankind. One bright star shone out to say “He is born” One bright star that promised peace

And no more fighting One bright star (one bright star) Just one bright star (one bright star) Just one bright star to take us there. Then we knew Just what to do, So we ran to find the child, To seek the new-born King, Welcome him in style. And we gave our minds and hearts On this very special night To baby Jesus, Son of Man and God’s pure light. Chorus – one bright star shone One bright star… One bright star One bright star. One bright star! Come on Christmas, why don’t you hurry along? (Come on Christmas! Come on Christmas! ) Come on Christmas whys it taking you so long?

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Vive waited since the first of January, But Christmas never seems any closer to me. Oh – come on Christmas, Vive been waiting so long. I’m so excited I can hardly breathe, ‘Coos now it’s December, now it’s Christmas eve… So exciting you can feel it in the air. It’s coming closer all the time Look around, you can see it everywhere: Christmas lights are going to shine, shine, shines! Vive been waiting so long – so long! There’s a star There’s a star that shines so bright On this still and holy night Heaven’s own begotten Son Is born this happy morn. There’s a Joy that fills the air

It’s a Joy that all can share For the Savior of the world Shepherds in the fields are dazzled By a glorious sight Angels singing glory to the Savior born This happy morning There’s a star…….. Wise men travel far to gaze And worship at his feet Bearing precious gifts before the Savior Born this happy morning There’s a star……… Holly and Mistletoe The Holly and mistletoe, the lights on the tree, the glow in the fireplace is Christmas time for me. The cards on the mantelpiece, The gifts round the tree, The old Advent calendar Is Christmas time for me.

Christmas time is the season to celebrate Christmas time is the reason to sing Christmas time is a wonderful reason to sing! Midnight Midnight; there’s the strangest feeling in the air tonight There’s something going on but I can’t make it out, I wonder what it’s all about. Starlight: breaking through the darkness in the dead of night Illuminates the path that takes you out of sight, And all the way to Bethlehem. Tonight’s events were planned in heaven The greatest story even penned Heaven and earth have come together Angels: taking care of things that only they can do,

Are waiting in the wings to bring the Joyful news, It’s going to turn the world around. Strangers: having made arrangements for a night or two, Have found accommodation in the crowded rooms. The house is packed in Bethlehem. Tonight’s events were planned in heaven…………….. Shepherds: minding their own business looking after things Are startled by an unexpected happening, As angel choirs appear to them. Wise men: taking charts and telescopes and compasses, Investigate the star that takes them traveling, Until they come to Bethlehem. Tonight’s events were planned in heaven………