Have you ever wondered who Brent Bishop is, continue reading and you will learn his multi personalities. The book “whirligig” is written by Paul Fleischman, the mall character in the book is Brent Bishop, the new kid In school who Just wants to fit In with everyone else. Brent is a determined and resourceful teenager who just wants to do well. Brent Is a responsible teenager for many reasons. Whenever he killed lea he was determined to do whatever It took to make things right with lea’s mom.

Leas mom tells Brent to go around the country on a bus putting up whaling’s that somehow represent lea. Although Brent could have faked putting up the whaling’s somewhere close to home and said he went around the country, he refused because he wanted to punish himself for what he did. Brent is also a very resourceful teenager. He used whatever he had to complete the whirligigs all around the country. Instead of buying all the supplies that he needed he would use scrap wood and paint.

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He is also resourceful because whenever he lost the whirligig instruction book he had to improvise and try and make it on his own. In conclusion Brent is a determined and resourceful teenager for many reasons. When he lost his book he used his skills to finish the whirligig by him self with whatever he could get his hands on. He is also a very determined after he got into a car accident killing an innocent person he wanted to do whatever it took to make restitution.