Annie finally went home but no one was home. She waited at the front of the house for her parents or her brother to come home. While kip was with Andrew trying to find grace. Kip has lost his sense of purpose, he doesn’t know what he wants to be anymore. He doesn’t feel like the compassion to swim like before he is confused and lost. Nannies mother and her brother finally came home.

They saw her but not grace entering where she is. Annie told her mum that she doesn’t know where she is, making her mother worried and scared what might of happen to her. Kip and Andrew went to find shelter while the police come to find grace and a boy. When the police came they started to ask questions about the where about grace was while looking for her. Kip saw a boogie bored and taught someone was on it so he knew the one thing he could do, was to swim.

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When he swam to the bored he felt a strong current coming and that he couldn’t control himself. As kip was getting bushed by the waves Annie went with her family to look for grace and where was the last place Annie saw grace making the police think that she must have dropped into the water. When kip was floating into the water a boat came and saved him and took care of him. When he was awake he saw a figure with a blue face and mouth It was a boy.