A path was drawn, a chase begun A trust developed and Joined us as one. An urge for a hug, a body to caress A feeling that was too strong to digress. 2. A best friend, you were, so dark and bold. To this mysterious man, my heart was sold. I craved for times so intimate Where our bodies would meet and perfectly fit. 3. A new year starts, a time to reborn. Every moment with you, the world is adorned. A chance for my smile, a flicker of delight Is a goal of yours that never leaves your sight. 4.

I miss visits at work to pass time by Because each second without you made me die. You grabbed my hand, and kissed it sweet A shock to my heart, I knew I fell deep. 5. Stripped clean from all, but still desperate To prevent us from ever being separate. Times get tougher than they’ve ever been. But we stay together through thick and thin. 6. Romantic strolls along the shore Leave me with memories to forever store. As afraid as I was to let the world see I’ve let this flame of love engulf me. A family has finally started of our own And our love has been set In stone. When I see you I fall more In love Because you’re all I ever wish to speak of. 100 reasons why I love you Can never be enough to express the truth. I can’t wait to enjoy our infinite time Sleeping to the sound of your voice’s chime. 9. A test of time, a mind gone numb A heart beating faster than a drum. Days and nights spent in your arms Till the sun comes up, I’m protected from harm 10.

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No anger here, no bickering there Has let our love we have experience a tear. The strength within, the efforts made Leave the bumps in the road remain outweighed. 11 Changes are made, we won’t let go Life without you is one I’ll never know. I promise that you are mine to protect. That you are the one I’ve chose to select. 12. An oath was made with this ring I wore That you are mine, and I am yours. That this rough year has proven to us plenty That I can’t wait for the next twenty.