Write an appropriate transition Word in this paragraph. Shopping at K-Mart Shopping at K-Mart enriches my vocabulary. Although I don’t like spending money. I like shopping so it gives me a chance to practice my English. K-Mart is the best place to practice. It is a large store, and there are many customer assistants who speak English fluently. I look for many items in many parts of the store.

Moreover in each area I find a different customer assistant who is eager to help me practice English. In addition, I am careful to read the section names; because; I also read the information on the packages of the items I wish to buy. In conclusion, every time I shop at K-Mart, I leave the store with some new word that Increase my English vocabulary. Exercise 2: My Driving Test I had many difficulties during my first driving test.

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First, when my Instructor wanted me to drive on a road where I had never driven, I was nervous and worried. Therefore, I drove very slowly and cautiously. Unfortunately, that cause the engine to stall in the middle of the road. I panicked and tried to start the engine, but no matter how hard I tried, the engine would not start. Instead, my Instructor had to start the engine for me. So, Just a minute later, I was very embarrassed because the engine stalled a second time.

My instructor became Impatient; he started the engine again. When the engine stalled a third time, I could feel the anger of my Instructor. I tried to prepare myself for the scolding. As a result, the cars behind me were so angry that they honked for a quite long time. Finally, my Instructor gave up and took over my place to drive. Although this Incident did not cause any accidents, It was such a terrible and embarrassing Incident In my life.