Owen uses imagery, symbolism and other figurative methods to develop the perceptions of desolation and mourning in his sonnet “Anthem of Doomed Youth”. How well does he do this? “Anthem of Doomed Youth” by Wilfred Owen uses imagery, symbolism and other figurative successfully to create the perceptions of desolation and mourning. Owens’ poem shows perspectives from both the battle front where the soldiers fight and the home front where the women and children wait for the soldiers to return. “For those who die as cattle”, the simile used here creates imagery f huge waves of men getting slaughter Just as the cattle would at a Slaughter House.

This gives a strong sense to his poem as it is very powerful yet dark. The fallen soldiers fall like pawn on a chess board, this creates the mourning side of this sonnet as it is sad when a soldier falls and there no time to do anything about it. “Only the monstrous anger of the guns”, the use of personification here makes the guns seem like the people on the battlefield full of anger. The sounds of the guns shooting make a very loud and angry sound monster like giving them the sense that the guns are he monsters of the battlefield.

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The guns of the battlefield deal massive damage against soldiers, the monstrous anger make you think of a monster, one which you will try and go after your life. “The pallor of girls’ brows shall be the pall”, this Is referring to the lonely maidens at the home front waiting for their men to return or any news from them. They are all pallor as they wait as the news for them Is usually not always pleasant. The pall Is the top of a coffin as referring In this sense the girls worry a lot about their men that they take their feelings to the grave with them.

The tone used In this poem Is very depressing, Owen has not look at the positive side of the war and only all the negatives parts that overwhelm everyone. “What candles may be held”, the there are so many fallen soldiers that there Just Isn’t enough time and space to hold a single candle for each of them. Through this poem we can see how the war can Impact on many people, everywhere no matter where you are. Many lives are lost at these wars and people weep over these lost friends. Owen has successfully develop the perceptions of desolation and mourning In his poem.