Deadlines, the end of a set amount of time to do something, or to get something done. They are the reason we panic when they draw close, but they are also our motivation for getting things done. I cannot say Justly that I have always appreciated deadlines, nor have I always been one to meet them or their standards. But their Importance I do believe I cannot stress enough to fully tell you why we must learn to note their Importance.

Deadlines should be encouraged, enforced, and they should e things that we must learn to accept. They are not Just a restriction, for us to despise the coming of, but are Instead goals, for us to look forward to, and to strive to reach them and then go beyond them. They help us become motivated to be put Into action, to get things done, to make ourselves focus on something that needs to be done. They will become a dally occurrence, and our motivation to keep going, even when It may seem like there may be no time.

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However, Deadlines are not always hinges that others will set for us, but they can be personal goal set for ourselves, the reasons we want to push ourselves to the fullest and best that we may be. The very act of pushing ourselves forward to meet our own expectations of self improvement is the very reasons that the deadlines for goals exist. And finally, the reason that we may strive to achieve such deadline, such expectations, such goals, is so that we may feel that sense of satisfaction that almost no other accomplishment can live up to.

That feeling of achievement is what we want, it is the light at the end of the tunnel, for we may appreciate the Journey, but it is the goal at the end that we wish to arrive. And I wish for you to see that deadlines are things to be encouraged and accepted, they are goals not only set for us by others, but goals set by us for us, and that they are there to give you that feeling of accomplishment for that which you have done. Deadlines are important for us as motivation and should be thought of as such.

And oh may turn away from this speech, still dreading that one thing you may have to do soon but I ask you to not continue on your way without a second thought, but to instead let my words remain with you, and for you to maybe attempt to have a different outlook on a situation, even if only for a day or even an hour, if only to realize just how far you may have come because it was a goal set by someone or even yourself to meet, and to then continue forward to the next day, with the outlook of what may come next.