The Count of Monte Crests, Edmond Dances Is a very powerful figure that travels through different scenarios and troubles. It Includes him escaping Jail In the beginning after being framed. Secondly how he changed his identity six times through out the book in the challenges that he faces. Third is how he wanted to seek revenge against the people that had him put into Jail in the revelation and actions.

And finally, Edmonds final stages of his rough and traitorous journey throughout his time of trying to seek revenge. Dances knows that there will be a big adventure ahead of him. “Edmond Dances, you are under arrest,’ ‘Under arrest,’ cried Dances, ‘But why”? Dante; must have been very mad and confused when this happened. Dances has been framed to someone else’s advantage that planned this all out. The people that did this to Edmond Dante planned this out so that they can get revenge on him for being promoted to the ship captain.

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Dances wants to seek revenge to these people and get his revenge on what they have done to him. Dances should not take things so seriously and put things behind him. In Conclusion, Dante will have a very big adventure ahead of IM and that he will do and become many things throughout his entire journey. Dante has been caught in many challenges through out his entire life as different people. “Dante nevertheless had the presence of mind to hold his breath and tip open the sick with the knife which he still had in his right hand. (Dumas 80) Dante can have anything thrown at him and he still can solve his problems. Dances can do or be anything that he pleases. Dances has been in much life or death challenges that without his wits he could have died in. Dances must have devoted his life to academics so he can be very smart. Dante would not have been able to escape the prison without listening to the wise priest. In conclusion, Dances has gotten out of many challenges with his judicious and wise he Is.

The second Dances had escaped prison he decided to change his name and personal info. “Who are you, asked the captain in a terrible French accent, I’m a Maltese sailor. ” (Dumas 83) Dante# has tricked the sailors into thinking that he is a sailor from a shipwreck. Dances can trick a lot of people Into believing that he is a different figure. For example, with Dante being able to trick the sailors he was able o achieve his goal of getting the treasure. Dances was able to find what he was looking for and became very wealthy.

Dances will be able to do and become many different people on disguise. For instance, Dances has became six different people throughout the entire novel. Dante; has many enemies or friends that he doesn’t want to know that he’s alive. Dante; Is very smart and takes much risk In life. In Conclusion, when Dances Is more than one person he can complete what his goals are. Life and not change your identity at all. This is important not to do because it can cause much distress and untrustworthiness among people.