After our conversation at the car yesterday, I have been thinking and I don’t feel that I want to sit and talk with you. I’m too busy and stressed to have to deal with meeting you so that I can go back over all of the things that you did. If you really can’t understand on your own what happened, then I don’t think I can move forward. For almost 10 years I haven’t lived with you and not once have you made an effort to come and see me, send me birthday presents or Christmas gifts, drive me to any theatre practices, or modeling Jobs, or waterhole, or support me at all in anything hat I have done.

Never have you made an effort to see me, or talk to me, except send me a text once a year. I lived in Duns until one year ago and never saw you once, or heard from you. I have never seen you sacrifice for me and that is what you’re supposed to do as a parent, love unconditionally and sacrifice for your children, even if you get nothing in return. You could have sent us something for our birthdays or acknowledged us, but you obviously didn’t think to do that because you knew you wouldn’t get anything in return.

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Mom has sacrificed her entire life for Kerri and l, and does anything she can to help us in every single aspect of our lives. Not Just giving us money but she drove me into Toronto every single day after work so I could go to castings, moved so I could finish my school and get good enough grades to get In Vive, traveled with me and stayed in horrible apartments so that I could pursue something different. She sacrificed for me to be where I am today, and you haven’t been In my life for 10 years, and not because I made It difficult for you to see me, but o Just never made an effort.

At this point I really don’t care anymore because It Is what it Is and It’s clear that you don’t think you were wrong because saying “l thought I was doing what was right” Is not taking responsibility for yelling at me In the car home from Tournaments and making me feel so nervous In basketball that I literally got a twitch In middle school because I was so unconfined. I really am not mad or angry,