Describe the book that you like most What is the name of it? When did you read it? From where did you collect it? Explain why you like the book? Describe a movie that made a good Impression on you. What Is the name of the movie? When did you watch It? Who else was with you? Explain why It made such Impression on you. Describe a television programmer you found Interesting? What Is the name of It? When did you first watch it? What type of programmer is it? Explain why you think it is interesting Describe a gift you gave to some one. What was the gift? What was the occasion? What are the features of it?

Explain how that person responded after getting the gift. Talk about an expensive thing you bought from somewhere. What was it? From where you bought it? What were the features of it? Explain why you bought it. Describe an object that your family has been keeping for long time What is It? How long it has been kept? From where your family collected It? Explain Its features and Its importance In your family. Talk about a common mean of transport In your country. What Is It? How much available Is It? How often you use It? Explain Its features and Its Importance In your country. Where is it located?

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Who is the sculptor? Is it old or a modern one? Explain its features and importance. Describe a piece of clothe you bought recently. When did you buy it? From where did you buy it? Explain why it is important to you? Talk about a shop you like to go. What facilities does it provide Explain why you like to go there. Talk about an important photograph. When the photograph was taken. Who took the photo. What is the subject of it. Explain why it is important to you. Describe an animal you saw, which you find very interesting. Where you saw it. How you felt about it. Why do you think it was interesting?

Explain its features. Talk about a electronic gadget you think useful. What is it? What are advantages and disadvantages of it. Explain why you think it’s useful. Talk about a magazine you have read recently. What is the name of it. What type of magazine it is. Why you bought it. Explain what you think about it. Describe a meal that you have taken with someone. When you have taken it. Where you have taken it. Explain how you enjoyed it. Who the person is for how long you know the person how this person helps others explain how popular this person is in your neighborhood

Describe an irritating neighbor of your locality. For how long the person has been your neighbor. How this person behave with others Explain how annoying the person is. Describe a teenager that you know. Please say Who is he/she? How do you know him/her? Why do you like him/her? Describe a moment when you felt embarrassed. When it happened. Who else was with you What was the reason of it Explain what happened and how you felt. Describe a place which can be a good tourist spot in future Where it is What are the features of the place What drawbacks it has Explain when steps are needed to make it a good tourist spot.

Talk about the expensive thing you will buy, if you have enough money. What it is. How it looks like. What are the features of it. Explain why you will buy it. Describe about a place where you made tour in your childhood. Where it is located. How long ago you visited there With whom you visited there Explain why you want to go there again. Describe your favorite TV show that you enjoy watching regularly. Please say What is When is it shown? Why do you like it? Talk about the most difficult thing that you have done recently. Please say What was What skills did you need to do it?

Why was it important to you to finish this task? Talk about a famous person in your country. Please say: What is he/she doing? Why is he/she so famous? Describe a birthday party that you or your friend threw. Please say When was the party? Who was invited to the party? What did you enjoy at the party the most? What was so interesting there? Talk about a holiday or vacation you spent in a group of other people. Please say How was it? Where was it? What was so nice about it? Talk about science subjects that you learned in high school. Please say What subjects did you learn? Did you like any of these subjects?

Describe your teachers. Talk about a happy event in your childhood. Please say Where did it happen? Who were there with you? Describe a Job that you would like to do. Please say What Job is it? What skills do you need to do it? Why would you like to do this Job? Why this is it important to you? Describe a business that you would like to start. Please say Why do you want to do it? Where should it be located? Who would be your customers, mostly? When did you meet him/her? Why were you inspired by him/her? Talk about a program or a TV channel that you enjoy watching regularly. Please say

What is it called? When do we usually watch it? Why do you prefer to watch this program and not the other ones? What is the program about? Talk about some family news that you have heard recently. Please say: What news you heard, Who gave you the news, How you felt after hearing the news, and Why you remembered the news Describe a situation where you were close to a wild animal. Please say When and where was it? What animal was it? What was the animal doing? Why do you remember that day? How did you feel about it? Describe a person that helped you a lot. Please say Who was it?

What did he/she do for you? When did that happen? Describe a situation where you had to be polite. Please say What was the situation? What did you do? Talk about an important building in your country. Please say Where is it located? Who does visit the place? Why is it important Describe the happiest person you have ever met, please say: Who is this person ? How do you know this person? Describe an advertisement you have seen or heard recently that impressed you. You should say What was the advertisement about? What did you like about the advertisement? What made it stand out?