The Courage of Scott Carded It Is difficult to know what one will do when faced with a life or death decision. Many do not even encounter such choices. What Is thought In that spit second moment? You could save yourself or possibly save another; you could also die trying. Could you put all self-regarding values aside and complete an absolute act of courage? This Is a man who did. Scott Carded had the courage to risk his own life for another.

It was Coot’s third deployment. He Is Infantry. He and his men walk directly Into an enemy ruse. Gunfire and grenades threaten their very existence. Staff Sergeant screams to take cover, but it is too late for one man. He is down, lying vulnerably in the open. Between shots and explosions, Scott can hear the agonizing screams. He has no time to hesitate, enemy fire is closing in. Stay behind cover in safety or aide his brother in arms. No man left behind he shouts at his commanding officer.

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Scott tears through the sand toward the screaming, toward the danger, toward his possible death. As he reaches his destination, he is shot through his hand by an enemy’s rifle. Does he flee? No. He drags the man who has been shot through his stomach the 500 Ft. To cover with his other hand. Scott hears an all too familiar screech. He will not lose this man, not now; he knows what to do. He lies on top of him to absorb the airborne shrapnel from the grenade. The metal pierces his back and side.

That man is alive today because Scott risked his life for him. Scott crossed the threshold when he stepped out of cover to retrieve a friend. He overcame fear of death and fear of failure. Courage is not absence of fear, but making the choice to overcome it, facing it head-on. Scott Carded was awarded a bronze star and multiple purple hearts in reward of his single act of courage. He did not give up. He was determined. Do not give up on your objective; you may even save a life.