As a matter of fact, there are a great number of things that parents and their children just cannot go along with each other and one of them is about career choice. We’ve seen so many incessant arguments between parents and children about career choice that it’s somewhat become Inevitable. That happens simply because of the lack of understanding children from parents. A career choice reflects the children’s passion for something they’re very willing to carry out, to study for, to do search and to live with It, whether the choice Is dangerous or safe.

Parents should not stop their children from pursuing their dreams because that’s basically what they were born to do. Failure Is Inevitable for everyone, If that’s what parents fear for their children. What matters here Is a chance to experience their dreams, a sense of what Its Like to find their own ways, to take control of their futures and to be proud of who they are. Haven’t you heard ” Life’s a journey, not a destination” ?

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Yet the end of the whole pursuit might not be great but it’s the journey itself that builds your children’s soul. By holding your children back, you’ll certainly destroy their motivation, restrict their freedom and may as well ruin their youth. A compromise is something that we need to come up with. I suggest parents let their children chase their dreams but with a certain achievement in a certain defined time to see if the pursuit works well or not.

By that way children will feel that they’re given a chance to prove who they are so it turns out to be a big motivation for them to succeed in the field they choose. In conclusion, parents should not try to apply what they want to their children because what youngsters really need is a chance to pursue their dreams, to experience the Journey including both success and failure. The best way for parents to intervene is probably the suggested compromise.