What Is self-reflection? Wisped says: “Human self-reflection is the capacity of humans to exercise introspection and the willingness to learn more about their monumental nature, purpose and essence. What do you wish you had known when you were younger? What have you learned from the mistakes of your past, from the choices of your life, and from the roads not taken and dreams yet to fulfill? We do not wake up one day and decide to reflect on the yesterdays of our youth. We instead go with life’s flow until something along the way prompts us to stop and think. In that moment, we realize that before we can plan for more of the future, it would be wise to learn a little from the past. Self-reflection does not make an appointment to show up.

It seeps in from the invisible corners of our mind, spills over from the edges of our heart and finds a way to capture our attention. Self-reflection starts slow but builds up fast. A song, a voice, a smell, a picture, or a mere thought can all trigger the memories buried long ago and bring them to surface faster than any diver can swim up for air. LESSONS Does self-reflection not realize how busy we are these days? This is not the Stone Age moonshine-?we now only dream of those activities as exotic vacations! We are very busy people now. The Internet is here. Did self-reflection not get the memo?

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We now have things to do, stuff to read, people to keep up with and places to explore-? even if only on our computer screens. In short, we are far too busy to stop and think, much less to stop and reflect! How can we make time to reflect on our entire past? And why, pray tell, should we go through the exercise at all? These are very fortunate days and times we are living in. Our advancements in society and technology make so much accessible to so many. Being caught up in it all is our way of participating in the New Age. It is exciting, adventurous and filled with opportunities.

Being busy is our espouse to the 21st century’s lifestyle demands. Being busy, however, does not slow down the hand of time; in fact, it seems to oddly speed it up. The more we rush, the faster time flies. The more we pursue, the quicker our days fill up and the sooner our hours come to an end. And yet as we grow older and richer in experience, our deepest desires gravitate toward finding meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life. Self-reflection can be the beginning of this. It can be a way to lock into the beat of our own hearts in this fast-paced world.

Self-reflection can ground us long enough to clarify our Journey ahead. Self-reflection can provide a safe haven to re-examine the past. Even if we have abandoned it to the depths of our consciousness, with careful introspection and reflection, we can slowly walk to the edge and muster enough courage to call out to our past. We can still define the means to come to terms with our past and learn from it. When we stop to reflect on our lives, we naturally slow down as we process the memories, the experiences, the various circumstances and the people who walked in and-? sometimes-?out of our life.

We reflect on the little person we were and on the innocence of our youth. We remember our first dabs into society and we cannot help but feel compassion and love for our younger self. We were new to the world then. We were at the beginning of life’s Journey. We were full of dreams and visions of the future. How have we measured up? Can we slow down long enough to take in the years and to reconnect with that younger self? Returning us to the same persistent spot and repeating the same incident over and over. Memories-?dormant or active, repressed or treasured, old or recent-?all contribute to who we are in the present moment.

Memories are an undeniable part of us; they have shaped us onto who we are today. Self-reflection does not meet with all of us in the same manner. We each have our own relationship with the past and reflecting on that past stirs quite naturally unique emotions for each of us. But with the right approach to self-reflection, we can even redefine and reshape the way we see our past, our childhood, and even ourselves. Can we learn from our memories through introspection? Can we rebuild our relationship with our memories through self-reflection?

We begin to see our past decisions as the best ones at the time. We did our best with all that was available to us then. We learn to set aside blame and anger, disappointments and regrets, because we have wasted enough adult years with them. Can we emerge as a better person from self-reflection of our past? Instead, we learn to let go of the heavy burdens of regret and what-ifs. We choose to grow instead and evolve into our very best self. We accept whatever happened and choose to see the better reasons in the way things unfolded as they did.

In this eBook, we explore Life Lessons learned through self-reflection and introspection. With participation from 108 floggers, we have amassed gems of Life Lessons from across he globe crossing over many cultures, nationalities, continents and age groups. Self-reflection can stir different reactions from each of us. It can tease, torment and thwart our forward momentum. It can distract and dilute our peace of mind with unnecessary reminders of days long abandoned for reasons deeply buried away. Or it can annoy us by entering “replay’ mode at times, II The answer lies within you.

We only aim to open your eyes to the possibilities. ABOUT US Imagine a garden of wisdom with each fragrant flower in it acting as a nugget of knowledge and illumination. Take a walk in the garden. Either o down the main path from A to Z or Just scroll around and see what calls your name. Life has a way of bringing to you what you need to hear and act upon. Follow your intuition and you will hear exactly what you were meant to hear. NOTE: Clicking an authors name will take you directly to his post on his blob. SELF IMPROVEMENT BLOB www. Babushka]mail. Mom A Note to the Authors Babushka Jamie is a 39 years old, Pakistani flogger and the founder of the Self Improvement Blob-?Bicameralism. Com. His blob is about Rebooting Your Mind, clearing away the mental and emotional clutter and living effectively. In order to make this eBook more useful and relevant to the readers in general, we have taken the liberty, now and then, to edit your words accordingly. Credits All photography in this eBook including the cover photo is by Prolific Living, taken from travels around the world. If you are interested in learning more about the photos, contact Forenoons.

PROLIFIC LIVING www. Proliferating. Com Forenoons Brock is the creator and writer at Prolific Living, a blob about cultivating an original and soul-enriching life with smart habits for rich living. She talks about empowering your ideas into actions and she crushes the everyday fears and excuses by opening your mind to space and possibilities. We, Babushka and Forenoons, were incredibly moved by the stories we were initially We wondered that if a handful of floggers and writers can tell such powerful stories, what can we gather with bringing the energy and wisdom of 100 floggers together.

We were ecstatic to meet not Just 100 but the number 108, which is considered an extremely special number in many spiritual beliefs and philosophies around the world. So we give to you the best of the amazing lessons of these 108 floggers. We remain truly grateful to them for their participation. Their lessons come from the heart and we believe that reading them shall transform you, Just like they have transformed us. BABUSHKA JAMIE VITA CLOCHE If you are unable to make a living while doing what you love, don’t stop doing what you love.

Today I know that true love has no strings attached-?no expectations-?no conditions. Whether it is between parent and child, lovers or friends, true love can exist. Change your friends if they do not share your values. It won’t kill you or your reputation. Find your own God. Don’t believe in what they tell you about God. Find Him within you. FORENOONS BROCK STEVEN ATCHISON I wish I’d known that not being “well-off’ didn’t mean I didn’t have a rich life. I wish I’d known that failure was an option. Argument when I can hardly remember what on earth I was arguing about two days later.

Only heartache remains after a silly quarrel or even an intense one. This is the bitterest lesson of all in the intimate relationships of our life! There is no way to know what would’ve been or could’ve been. Regrets are pointless. What is done is done. Whatever happened happened. There is only a path ahead, a life to live, lessons to learn and an evolution of he mind and heart which eventually leads us to exactly where we need to be and precisely whom we are meant to become. I wish I’d known that change is inevitable, and rather than fighting it, I should have befriended it.

DRAGON ROAR JONATHAN WELLS Knowledge becomes wisdom only through application. Avoidance is not a solution. Withdrawal is not a solution. Whenever life puts a violent crisis in front of you, live it. Be there and do your thing. Not only will you emerge stronger and wiser than before, most of the time, you’ll realize the crisis was much easier than you expected. TIM BROWNS DID THEBE lid up a pattern of negative thoughts. Every time you tell yourself you’re not good enough, rich enough, intelligent enough, attractive enough, you cement that belief.

So don’t do it! Happiness is an internal emotion. Instead of looking for happiness outside of ourselves, we should look inside. BRETT HAGER Reading makes you smarter – it helps with your memory, it helps with your writing, and it helps with your speaking skills – all things that are incredibly important. You’ll be exposed to more ideas, and increase the size of your vocabulary. It keeps your brain in great shape. LANCE SEEM Life here on this earth is a wonderful and amazing gift. I do not take that for granted today – this beautiful gift called life.

My hope for each of you is that you take a moment to reflect on you, and on the amazing gift it is to be here and traveling through this Journey of your life. 2 COMA HYDE People remember you for what you gave, how you helped and what you shared. We have the power of choice over our thoughts. Choose good thoughts. Always. JOY As I reflect back upon my childhood and every later stage, I know that each and every experience was Divinely placed to stitch together my personal tapestry. I would not change anything. Keep your space clean, allow for fresh to expand within that space, revel in that space.

When the time is right, that beautiful, fresh, clean space will be full of all that is good. HEADER AL-MOMMAS “But I’m too ignorant” isn’t an excuse. You need to develop your own thinking apparatus to understand life for yourself. You can’t borrow other people’s brains or their conclusions. Your well-being is your own responsibility. It’s silly to put other people’s interests and concerns before your own so that you can be considered “moral” (because it would also mean hat you’re going to demand that others put your concerns before their own, otherwise they be selfish good-furnishings).

JAY CHEERS My whole life, I have been taught to bust through the wall. Smash it to smithereens. Obliterate the obstacle. This is the way of the warrior, and it is highly respected in most cultures. It’s the way of the Samurai, the medieval knight, and the gunslinger. I have always admired these kinds of people and wanted to emulate them. So, I became a warrior, a fighter. However, about six months ago, my perspective changed. I learned that you don’t have to break down the walls. You don’t have to smash the obstacles.

I learned that if you Just sit quietly with yourself, and look at the wall from many different angles and different perspectives, you will find a path around the wall. TIA SINGS Everything will be fine in the end. If it’s that when life sucked, it wasn’t going to suck forever and all one has to do is wait out the wave. Your parents were doing the best they could. Forgive them and quietly listen to your heart to tell you what to do with your life. Throw tantrums in private. Express yourself fully but don’t take it out on people you love. INHABITANT GOSH

I wish I could have done a little more to bring comfort to my father in his deathbed when he died of cancer. I never told him how he was like a Banyan tree for me. He was my savior against all odds. I should’ve expressed my love for him. SIBYL Be happy walking until you can run and then it is time to try to fly. It is unnecessary to prove to other people that you are right. If you look at things from the right 3 perspective, they will always point to at least one truth. Have the wisdom to know for yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. ADRIAN Sublet ERIC WATERMELON I wish I knew that some of my rut other people really badly.

Now that I know that, I also understand that other people can hurt me without any actual intention to do so, and without even knowing that they are hurting me. So now I can forgive them. Everything works out. This lesson was an ongoing one. With my worry-free philosophy, I gradually noticed that everything always works out. S. ALA MYERS Don’t be possessed by possessions. Your health is directly reflective of your diet and lifestyle. Your well-being is a mirror of the condition of your mind, body and soul. How you live, what you think and what you eat affects your elastic being.

Stay off the main roads. RICK HAMMOCK When we are faced with something unexpected, our natural response is to ask for a brief timeout as we consider I wish I knew that there is no other reason to enter any relationship but love, the consequences of that event. And love cannot be forced upon anyone. You always have a choice. Don’t do anything because you must. Do things that you want to do. When you are a child, you may not know what’s best for you. So you follow the advice of adults. But when you grow up, you will 4 The world is as big or small as you make