In this letter, Charles Lamb declines an invitation Into Cumberland from the English Romantic Poet, William Wordsmith. Lamb uses multiple techniques to help him decline this Invite. For example, Lamb expresses to Wordsmith how much he loves London and the fact that he never wants to leave the attachments he had made there. He also explains that he is neither interested nor passionate to join Wordsmith and his sister on their Journey into Cumberland. Lamb also uses tone in his letter. Because readers can interpret tone differently, it is no stretch to say that

Lamb demonstrates several tones in his letter. These tones can be discerned throughout the letter, providing a message that could be viewed In numerous ways. The tones he uses include irony and mocking himself. Although there are many people all over the world who wish for better things and aren’t fortunate like others, there are also many people that are extremely happy with their life and would not want it to be any other way. One of the few techniques and rhetorical strategies that Lamb used in his letter was expressing to Wordsmith that he loves London for many reasons.

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He loved It because of the loud noise and the hustling people. Lamb wants Wordsmith to understand that he doesn’t want to leave London for a trip in peaceful Cumberland. Lamb proves to be in love with London and all its craziness and would not enjoy himself in a relaxing place like Cumberland. Lamb is used to crowded streets, sleepless nights and the big city of London. Charles Lamb informed Wordsmith of the many reasons why he was very satisfied with his life and the many local attachments that he had made to London. He explained to Wordsmith that he didn’t want to leave all of that behind on his runner.

Two of the most significant characteristics one should have are passion and interest. If one isn’t passionate about something they shouldn’t be involved. One does something because they feel Interested to do It and feel determined and happy about that decision. That Is an example of another rhetorical strategy and technique that Lamb used to make Wordsmith realize that he was not interested in joining him and his sister on the trip to Cumberland. Lamb explains to Wordsmith that he does not care for nature, and would prefer spending his time in the busy streets of

London. He had nothing inside of him telling him that he really wanted to accept the offer. Because Wordsmith assuming needed Lamb to be passionate about the Journey, It was a strong technique for Lamb to use. When declining the invitation into Cumberland. The tones used by Lamb are mocking humor and irony. Lamb mocks himself when explaining to Wordsmith the reasons why he loved London. All of the reasons would not sound appealing to anyone expect himself. He describes London as a dirty, loud and busy place, which would usually not attract most people.

Most people would rather be in a relaxing and quiet place but Lamb preferred the busy lifestyle. This is using a mocking and humorous tone because he is insulting his choices as a person and realizes that it is bizarre to love such things. He also uses an ironic tone because he is stating the exact opposite to what Wordsmith is surely thinking. Wordsmith would assume that Lamb would love to Join him on such a Journey because it is what he loves to do. Wordsmith loves nature and exploring. However, Lamb expresses to him that he loves the exact opposite and would rather be in a place like London, than explore beautiful mountains and nature.

In conclusion, Lamb used great techniques and tones to decline the invitation to Cumberland with Wordsmith. He expresses that he loves the London lifestyle and that he has no determination or interest in Joining in their Journey. He uses a humorous mocking tone and an ironic tone throughout the letter to help him explain to Wordsmith that he doesn’t want to go to Cumberland. His use of tones and rhetorical techniques make Hornwort not get offended by Lamb’s response and also understand where he is coming from.