Utter, simple, apathetic, tenebrous, tournaments darkness. I see a pinpoint of light, and try to swim toward It. Either I get closer to It, or it gets closer to me, but I can’t tell In the Inky darkness. The pinhole expands as It gets closer, and I get pulled toward it. It expands, and suddenly engulfs me in a flash of light. I’m in a perfectly cubical white room, apparently made of marble. I turn around and see the hole I came from. An human-sized black, inky hole. It seems strange in this perfectly white cube.

I turn around and start to look for an exit, but as I walk way Inky black tentacles lunge out of the hole, gripping me tightly. I struggle, but their grip Is Iron. They pull me back, to the world of darkness, but I don’t want to. I try to twist about, attempting to writhe free from the tentacles. I break free, go flying forward, toward the white wall. I brace myself for impact… And go straight through the wall. I stumble, and almost fall. I find myself in a large room, but with an enormous hole in the center. I look around, but there’s nothing but solid white marble walls.

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I turn around, and they wall I stumbled through is still there. I test Its solidity, and as I expect, it’s solid. I search around the room, looking for any way out. On closer Inspection, I see on panel of marble Is slightly loose. I lightly tap it, and the echo tells me it’s hollow. I pull the panel off and look inside the tunnel. I see a simple switch. I look around, looking for anything else I can do. I pull the switch, shrugging. It’s not like I have anything to lose. Suddenly, the marble block right under the secret switch, goes flying outward, hitting me hard in the stomach.

I fall backwards, into the hole. I spiral down, falling down the enormous hole. As I fall I think, I was wrong. I still have my life to lose. Oh well. I’m surprised to see myself still alive. I look around, and hay_ Instead of a cubic marble room, I’m in a cubic jade room. Nice improvement. I look around, once again looking to an answer to my new puzzle. At the top of the ceiling, I see a bright blue block, bulging out like a button. But from my height, it’s way to far up for me to push. Oh hay. I know what to do, but not how. I notice that some Jade marbles along the wall are also slightly more bulgy. O up to them and try pushing on the, but nothing happens. I wonder If this Is Like one of those things Like the button wont press In unless you press the other buttons first around It In a specific order. I start pushing, but get nowhere. I stare at the blocks some more, thinking hard. And that’s when I realize my mistake. Thinking hard. I was over-thinking! The bulging jade blocks aren’t buttons! Only the blue one is. The jade ones are footsteps to climb up! I immediately start, and get to the ceiling easily, as I was always athletic.

But as I look, I realize I’ll have to Jump to hit the button. Suddenly, the Jade floor looks awfully hard. I collect my broken bits of courage together, and Jump, my hand barely slapping the button. I tart to fall, toward the jade floor. I try to steady myself out, but fail horribly. I brace myself for impact… And once again fall through the wall. My feet suddenly hit solid ground, or, as I realize, solid obsidian. Now I’m in an obsidian cubic room, but this time there is no ceiling. Cute. I walk up to the wall and try to pass through it.

Once more, I fail. I growl at the wall In frustration. When I want to, you turn solid. I punch the wall with all my power, and all I end up with is a hurting fist. ” I yelp, flinching backwards. I look around, imagining what a bystander would think if they saw me. I look at the walls, and for the first time I realize that there is no source of light. Everything is Just evenly lit, but from no source. There are no shadows or highlights. Strange, I think. Now that I think about it, it look surreal. Lost in thought, I hear something falling. Something heavy.

I look up and see an enormous Jade block falling toward me. I leap away, my foot Just barely evading the block. I look at the Jade block. It looks strange in the obsidian room. I wonder why I didn’t realize something was falling when the block came down. Shouldn’t the shadow have covered me first? And then I realize, in his world of no shadows, I won’t know when something falls down. Another block comes falling down, Just next to me. I realize what’s going on. This is the ultimate test, and I have to avoid getting hit. I stare up, trying to spot the next block.

It hits across the room, but I realize that I don’t see them until seconds before they hit. That means all I can do is run around the room, screaming like a little girl. Which is exactly what I proceed to do. Eventually the blocks fill up the floor of the room, and the only space left is the area I’m in. Just enough area for the next cube. I become cognizant to the act that to avoid being crushed, I’ll have to Jump on top of another block. I start from the corner. I start running toward the Jade blocks, and leap for all my life is worth. I make it, but Just barely.

My shoe gets caught in the next blocks fall, and I have to leave it behind. I sigh in relief, thinking everything is okay now. But I’m wrong. A voice, obviously synthesized to show no emotion, says, “Subject has passed Level One. Level Two will initiate in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1. I look at the darkness that the blocks fell from in horror, hoping that the voice is wrong. But no, nothing works for me in this world. A block falls, and I repeat the entire process again. I pray and hope for the voice to say that I passed, that it’s done. I’m exhausted, running and Jumping everywhere.

The voice, know of voice of pure evil to my ears, says, “Subject has passed Level Two. Level Three will initiate in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1. I curse underneath my breath. Soon, with my breath haggard and barely being able to stand, I see a ladder on the side of the wall. It was definitely not there earlier. But I accept it gratefully. I climb up and find myself in another room. Again This room is slightly different. It’s still cubical, but it’s split in half. One side is Jade, the other obsidian. The obsidian side has a black portal, the same one that I came from, the same one from which all this started.

The Jade side has the same portal, black and all. But in the middle, dead center, is a white portal. I really didn’t like my experience with the dark portal, so I close my eyes and step into the portal of light. The moment I enter, I feel refreshed. I start to walk, but the very same tentacles that attacked me earlier, only white this time, grab me, wrapping around tighter than before. I struggle, and the whiteness becomes blackness. I’m in the very same looking portal. The tentacles push me forward. I see two exits. One of light and one of darkness. They move toward the darkness.

I struggle, and try to escape, but don’t get very far. They curl tightly around me, squeezing the life out of me. The move backwards for momentum, then Jerk forward, throwing me through the inky I find myself in a stony looking room chained to the wall. I see a door in front of me. The chains pinch into my skin, burning my wrists and ankles. I wish they would go away. And they do. They suddenly disintegrate into black gas, drifting away in the wind. I go to the door, expecting it to be locked, but it isn’t, as always. I step through and find myself in a room made of marble.

I see a round table, in the dead center of the room. Standing on the table is a stone statue, made of obsidian with green veins flowing through it. I squint to get a better view, and see that the green veins looks like liquid Jade (if it exists) flowing through the weird statue. Two hooded figures discuss in voices to quiet for me to hear next to the table. As I step closer, one of the hooded figures turn toward me. He straightens and begins to pull his hood off. I step closer, trying to get a closer look. His face enters my vision, and suddenly I’m on the ground, blackness everywhere.