If you could change the world, what would you do? I have heard people give answers like the following: “l would start a foundation that will eradicate child labor, provide homes for street kids and ensure every child gets quality education. ” “l would change the way politics is done in Nigeria. I would make it true democracy: government by the people and for the people. ” “l would change Newlywed. I would raise the bar, make great movies that will be nominated for Oscar awards. ” “l would put Nigeria In the Science Hall of Fame.

I would Invent something revolutionary enough to gain the attention of the whole world. ” “I would write amazing fiction Like Stephen King, J. K. Rolling and Dan Brown. Books that will have cult-Like following worldwide. ” “l would change the way we live, do things and treat others. There Is enough In the world to go round. I will make sure that the rich don’t keep getting rich off the poor. ” All these answers Inspire. Each answer Is borne out of a powerful dream: a dream of who the answerer wants to become. And me?

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If I could change the world, what would I do? I would help people think for themselves, make their own choices and live the lives they truly want. Until recently, it was just a dream. A fantasy. And that’s where most of us stop. We know what to do to change the world: we know how to go about doing it. But we just don’t do it; we stop at the dream part. We live our entire lives as aspiring presidents, aspiring movie producers, aspiring artists, aspiring authors, aspiring human right activists, aspiring world renowned scientists and aspiring thought leaders.

We look at those who have become what we aspire to come, and think that they were lucky. We look at the professionals, and attribute their success to luck I began taking steps on doing what I would do if could change the world, because I can change the world. I can help people think for themselves; I can help people make their own choices and live the life they truly want. I am already living my dream, doing what I would do if I could change the world. And if I don’t succeed in changing the world, I know that I have changed my own world. I have become the man of my dreams.