What was Mows purpose and agenda for the first meeting with Cromwell? How does he try to implement his agenda? Motto’s purpose for the first meeting with Cromwell was to attain a good business relation work with the best contracting company for his KID business. He also tried to make a good Impression about himself by reaching on time for the meeting, learning to speak good English ; learning about the company beforehand. He Implies his agenda by first handing out he business card which In Japan Is an Important Instrument to learn about the other party.

He also presents him a gift which he got all the way from Japan. Finally, he wishes to spend some time playing golf with Cromwell In order to build a better relationship among the executives. Q. 3 What was the significance of the dolls? What went wrong? Motto brought the gift of Oshkosh dolls from Japan as a present for Cromwell to establish a good friendship among them. The dolls were very important for Motto as his wife spent most her day picking out these dolls and also they were made from a special maple in the mountains near his family home in Niagara.

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Cromwell failed to notice that the gift was actually meant for him and not his daughter. Motto was also offended with Crewel’s behavior when he opened the gift in front of him and commented they resemble dolls made in Russia. This type of behavior is accepted to be offensive to the Japanese. As a result when Motto did not receive any gratitude or gift in return from Cromwell he was disappointed in his efforts to create a good friendship. Q. 5 How did Motto feel about Subsequences behavior early on? How did their allegations change?

Subversives was a mysterious person for Motto during the early days of their meeting. Motto was disappointed when Subversives also failed to recognize the importance of exchanging business cards. He seemed to be cordial and polite but not really intimate. The same way how Cornell did not appreciate his dolls when Subversives did the same when he presented him with a KID pen, he felt really offended as it would be in the Japanese culture. He would flatly refuse any chance of them hanging out together for drinks or so.

When Motto requested for the communication of past sales this made Subversives quite furious and made him Insecure. Motto thought his behavior was Irrational and It Is quite logical to go through proper historical details of the company. However, their relationship Improved after they went out to a bar together. Subversives opens up to Motto and they get close each other. For the next four months they both enjoyed each other’s company and worked together on everything. They would share their joys and sorrows together and Motto had made a great friend until he got a better opportunity elsewhere.