The girl at the station, the girl with the smile, the moment’s temptation to stay for a while. This book was a nice book. It could have ended a little better. Joe deserved to be with Candy after all that he had went through for her. Joe deserved better, and he TLD get it. That’s the only bad part about this book, but overall awesome book. This book was a nice book. It could have ended a little better. Joe deserved to be with Candy after all that he had went through for her. Joe deserved better, and he TLD get It. That’s the only bad part about this book, but overall awesome book. My book was on Candy.

A young teenage girl and boy who fell In love. Which happens all the time boy meets girl they both fall for one another, but who knew It would have happen Like this. Candy was a 16 year old girl who met a 15 year old boy name Joe deck. They met at a train station In downtown London. Joe was lost In the train station when candy got his attention. Candy was trying to ask Joe If he needed help finding his way but, Joe was so lost in her beauty he didn’t answer her he just stared. Which kind of drove Candy away. She was flattered, but didn’t want things to become more awkward. Joe had caught up to Candy at the McDonald’s and bought her lunch.

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Candy and Joe were talking when suddenly Candy’s face went cold. The person she feared the most had just walked into McDonald’s, Gigs. Gigs was Candy’s pimp. Candy was a 16 year old prostitute. Of course, Joe, didn’t know, well at least not yet. After Gigs scared the mess out of Candy and Joe, Joe left Candy and went home. Joe was stuck on Candy. Love at first sight must be a true thing because Joe was in love. Joe was still in shock about what had happened. The way Candy went cold like that, the way she acted with Gigs, she didn’t look at him in the eye, kept her head down the whole time.

Joe knew there was more to it, the Just couldn’t press himself to believe that Candy was a prostitute and that Gigs was her pimp. It was too unreal to him, to me as well because there are teenagers all over the world getting pushed into sex trafficking. Joe was stuck, so stuck he wrote a song about her and played it with his band. Joe was in a band called The Skates. Joe was hesitant about calling Candy. He thought what if Gigs answered, what would he say, so he waited a whole week to call her. Joe had waited to call Candy, he was nervous, but he finally called her. Joe and Candy had made a plan to go to the zoo next week so they could talk.

They planned to meet at the front gate. They had went to the cafe. At the cafe Candy had pulled something out of her purse and dismissed herself to the bathroom, said she would be a minute. Joe thought nothing of It until she came out the bathroom with something new about her. She had a new look, her eyes were dilated, and she was calm. Candy was also a heroin addict, she had been ever since Gigs came and ruined her life. Poor Joe getting sucked up Into this girl’s mess. It wasn’t his fault though It was loves fault, you can’t help how you fall In love with. After the zoo Joe was smelling from ear to ear.

While playing his guitar and slung his song about Candy, his sister Gina had walked in. Gina was 5 years older than Joe which meant she was 20. Gina had a boyfriend name, Mike. Mike was a big black guy. Joe and Gina reminds each other’s business. Just like my brother Gina wanted to know who Candy was. Joe felt uncomfortable about telling Gina who Candy was especially because of Candy situation her being a prostitute and a heroin addict, but he told her everything. If it were me nothing would have been said, that would have died as a secret with me. The next event is where everything gets good in the book.

Joe has a gig with his band at a bar in downtown London. Everyone he cares about is going to be there Candy, Gina, and Mike. It was during the last song the band was playing that night, the song Joe had written about Candy, the band agreed that Joe could play it for the last song. Everything was going great till Gigs walked in. Gigs meant trouble like always. Gigs had come to the bar looking for Candy. Gigs drug Candy out of the bar. Mike, Gin’s boyfriend seen the altercation happening and tried to stop it. Mike didn’t succeed, Gig’s crew nearly beat Mike half to death.

Meanwhile Joe is still on stage finishing the Eng, he didn’t notice anything that happen. When he finally finds her back at her apartment half alive, he tries to help her, but during his attempts, Gigs came in and tries to kill Joe. Finally, Gigs doesn’t succeed. Candy gets up and smashes Gigs in the head with a table lamp. Her and Joe escape and go to this cottage that Joey’s family has set aside. Meanwhile, while Joe and Candy are at the cottage. Gigs wakes up and finds out information about him such as his name, where he lives, everything. Gigs ends up taking Gina. Gigs calls Joe after he takes Gina and tries to offer him a deal

Candy for Gina. Now Joe is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The love of his life or his sister. He is scared and hopeless, so he calls Mike and tells him everything. Mike comes to help Joe and Candy, but Candy already has her a secret plan. She plans to kill Gigs when he gets to the cottage, and that’s exactly what she does. Candy stabbed Gigs in the throat. You would think that all is fair, everybody got what they deserved. No, Candy ended up getting arrested and being sent to a mental institution. Joe is forbidden to see her again. He has lost the girl of his dreams.