Should Aaron Bernstein rebuild in Malden and pay his employees in the meantime? What do you think of Furriness’s decision? What would you have done had you been In his position? I believe that Aaron Bernstein should proceed with his plans to rebuild In Malden as well as continue to pay his employees some type of severance pay. Although the company faced tough economic hardships that were not at the fault of the employees, It should not fall 100% on the shoulders of the company to pay the employees their full pay while trying to recover from such a difficult time.

With this being said I do believe that Mr.. Bernstein should do everything In his power to rebuild this company and try to move forward from these occurrences. Also, to move forward with the rebuilding of this company shows the people of Malden that you should always strive for excellence and not let the ways of this corrupt government make decisions for their livelihoods. I feel like the decision made by Bernstein was honorable and will be forever remembered by the people of Malden and other countries abroad. However, to say that it was a smart decision I cannot.

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This because to say you will continue to pay all employees the same amount of money that you were paying them when the company was making a profit is not feasible in this day and time. With the company failing due to the economic crisis the main focus should be getting it back up and running before committing to hiring back all that were there before. If I were Bernstein, would look into federal grants that are in place to help economically damaged companies and begin building from the ground up. Also, to build back bigger than before was not a great thought. I would start small and leave room for growth.