The purpose Albert Hubbard wanted to get across in his book was no matter what your position is, if you are given a task or an order to do it without question or hesitation. The mission was to ensure people everywhere were doing this to keep everyone focused on their objectives which allow more work to get done faster and more efficiently. I believe the part that gets the authors point across the most Is when Rowan takes the letter from McKinley and was given the task to carry the message to general Garcia without asking a question.

I believe the part of the book that was least effective In getting Albert Hubbard point across was when he made the point of the office clerk asking a couple questions about the task he was given. I believe In some circumstances a question may have to be asked to ensure the Job gets done correctly but It all depends how It Is asked. The author assumes to effectively accomplish a Nilsson you have to have a positive attitude, integrity, and passion. You should be able to accomplish the mission whether you have a good or bad leader as long as you have those three wings.

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The author shows this clearly with Rowan receiving his task and getting it done and how he gets it done. This book is relevant to what I do as a LCP is the Marine Corps. As a LCP you need to always have a positive attitude and focused on your objective because you can receive a lot of tasks at one time and no one wants to hear a complaint. This is exactly what Albert Hubbard wanted to get across. The implied conclusion of A Message to Garcia was to be the best worker you can be no matter what your job is ND no matter how hard your Job is.

To always stay focused on what needs to get done and do it without hesitation. I agree with the author about how tasks should get accomplished because Eve seen someone question and order and eventually get it done and eve seen someone without hesitation get a task done to the best of their ability as fast as they could. When someone stays focused and gets the Job done unhesitant it affects everyone around them in a positive way. That could make a huge difference on mission accomplishment.