I’m here. Actually, I’m not really good in writing. But it’s doesn’t matter. I will try my best. He. So.. Lam going to talk about my new extreme life in Pang Matriculation College. For the first step into in this college, it was quite nervous as none of my friends from my previous school came here. I was afraid that I couldn’t get any friends. Thus, most of my friends told me before that getting In any matriculation college will make me feel stress as there will be a great competition mongo the students and it will only take 10 months to finish this matriculation programmer.

So, the time Is fixed. These things has make me worry. For your Information guys, at school, I was not an excellent student who always does her homework on time and studying at all time. Back then, I was a student who Likes to play a lot. Sometimes, I would also break the school rules. Ha. Studying at last minute was like Just my hobby. In that case, I afraid that my old habits will affect my tidies here.

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For the time being, I will try to not be the old me and do my best here as the saying goes let bygone be bygone. The first orientation week, I was so extremely busy” I have to wake up at about 4. 15 in the morning. Archangel Luckily, it was just for a week. So, as three weeks of classes passed, I experienced a lot of things. The lecturers are all sporting. Actually, l’ m worrying about the science subjects which are Biology, Physics and Chemistry as I always get low marks in form 5 specially Physics.

I planned to switch to Module 3 because this module doesn’t has Physics subject. So, it will reduce my tension by not taking all those critical subjects. But didn’t do it. Yet, I think that I’m not doing all these things alone. I have my caring lecturers and the best part is, I have many new friends who always care about me. They will help me. I’m sure of it. We will help each other as we are like a big family!! Well, I think that’s all I can share with you today. Data for now.