In this assignment I will write about how life in other cultures in the poems “Blessing” by Amanita Darker and “An old woman” by Run Koala. “Blessing” by Amanita Darker is a poem set in Asia. The people of the slum suffer in terrible conditions, the poet describes the reactions of people in the village when a water pipe bursts and shows how precious it is to them. “An old woman” by Run Coloratura Is a poem also set In Asia. It Is about an old woman begging the writer for some money. He Just thinks she’s one of many beggars. UT as he sees the situation he feels bad for her and gives her money. “Blessing” opens with a simile. ;The skin cracks like a pad’. That immediately gives you an impression of shortage of water. In poor countries water is like a gift to them from God, they have almost nothing. In this line It also tells you how bad the skin Is and cracks throughout. Also moving on to the second line It also tells us In the second line There is never enough water. This makes you the reader, how lucky we re to have clean water, one of the main reasons poor people die is because they don’t have enough water!

Following on to the third line there is no doubt that the villagers they are desperate for water. Darker involves the reader by asking us to “Imagine the drip of it” telling us how precious water is and quantity and sound of the drop. The fourth line Introduces the first religious response “even a small splash is personified as a kind gesture from god” for the villagers a small splash of water Is better than nothing, they are lucky enough to even have a splash of water, ‘kind gesture from god’ this means the poor people will take this as a kind gift from god. Entering into the third stanza.

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The first line describes an unexpected event. The bursting of a municipal pipe is a extremely exciting big occasion for the villagers. ‘Sudden rush of fortune’, fortune Is described as plenty of money as well as good luck. So as the water falls It has a very high value. The drip Is echoed In another metaphor for the water Silver crashes to the ground’. This sounds powerful and also silver sakes the water look bright and shiny as the sun reflects on to the water. The water has made the villagers in a excited and shocked state the flow has found a roar of tongues’ roar refers to a group of villagers. From the huts: a congregation’ Firstly it refers to a congregation or group of people mainly praying, referring too group of people In a church or being given religious Instruction, also they’re prayers have been answered. And Indeed, as we read on we learn that people are started to issue from this huts carrying all manner of pots and pans to carry the water, so rehabs the ‘roar of tongues’ is actually a shout of alarm and panic to tell people that they need to try and save as much of the water as possible.

Can’t imagine people in a British city would all rush out to the road with their pots and pans and buckets to save water if a water pipe burst on the street! Again we see they use cheap containers to save the water and their ‘frantic’ hands also suggest that there Is are playing in the water, the highlights in their hair ‘polished to perfection’ after a life spent outside in the hot ‘liquid’ sun.