Now I am in Grade 10 and I think about the life I have spent. I come too conclusion: everyone’s life starts similarly, but the result is different. This is because some people do not know their own goals and only do what others do. Only people who know their goals can have a meaningful life. There are many ways in my life. If I am not careful enough, I will choose the wrong way. For instance, although some people look quite busy, what they do is not meaningful because they do not know their goal!

It is necessary for you to know your goal and hold on to it unless you do not want to be successful. Ants use the whole autumn to save food in order to have a good winter. Farmers work under the burning sun in order to have a good harvest. They all know their goal and hold on to it. So do l. When I was in Grade 7, I knew there would be a basketball game in Grade 8. As a student who was crazy about basketball, it was a good chance for me to help my team, so I was sure of my goal. From then on, I began o learn from others and practiced again and again.

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Nothing could get in my way because of my determination. Although the sun was burning, the weather was hot, I never gave up because I believed: “no pain, no gain”. Finally, our team did a good Job, and it was the result that I wanted. Begin with the end in mind makes me have a definite goal, and makes me go straight towards my dream. Consequently, I advocate that everyone should begin every day with a clear direction and destination and hold on to It. This can lead you to success!