Belonging Dear Mum, Dad and everyone else who have been a part of my life so far, If you are reading this letter, I’ve probably already left Cobra and started my journey to find somewhere that makes me feel at home, somewhere that I belong. I know that this is most likely going to come as a massive shock to you, but I feel going and discovering new places Is something that I really need. I’ve also written this letter to you because I feel It’s best not to talk over the phone now as this may be a hard pill for you to swallow.

Vive written this letter, to offer you an explanation for my decision. As I said before, I know this is probably going to be hard to take in, but all I’m asking is that you accept my decision and support me through this time. Cobra will always be my hometown, but I don’t think I can go on living here anymore. Now that Vive finally finished school, Vive got the chance to find somewhere where I belong, where I can make a living besides working in the mines every day for the rest of my life. In other words, Its as though throughout out my childhood, Vive been Like a fish, confined to my fishbowl.

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Now that I’m older and able to make my own choices, I’m ready to figuratively jump out of the fishbowl and explore the massive ocean that awaits. I want to see the world and find a place that I can call my new home, make a living, raise a family and fill this void inside me and finally feel as though my life is complete, feel that I’m in a place where I belong. Vive decided to leave, because for the majority of my life, Vive had this empty feeling inside of me, making me feel as though something was missing. As a kid I never really thought of Cobra as somewhere I’d stay for my entire life.

I could never accept the thought of Cobra being the place where I belong, my interests were as far from what was on offer here as you could get. Vive never really seen much outside of the country scene before, I never got to go and experience what life is like In the city, or experience other lifestyles or cultures besides the life of living on a massive property with nothing but coal and 011 mines everywhere I look. The thought of knowing that there is a whole world out there for me to experience is the main contributing factor causing me to make the decision to leave.

When I put the whole situation in perspective, there really isn’t anything here for me that can satisfy my needs. No professional sport ever comes out here, there is next to no options when it comes to education after school, no Job openings here for Jobs I’m Interested In applying for. In short, there Is really nothing here that I’m Interested In, I don’t belong In this place where I can’t live the lifestyle I was born to live. So Vive decided I’m going to try making a living in a city somewhere, some big city like Sydney, the Gold Coast, or Melbourne or something.

Vive always been attracted to the city life, Just hearing about it from my friends who have been to places like Sydney, has always fed my dreams of experiencing the city. From all the stories Vive heard, city I’ve always complained that life in the country was too slow for my liking, and now I’m finally going to experience a more up tempo lifestyle. I’m goanna go to nun and train to become a teacher, hopefully a PEP teacher, or if that doesn’t work out for me, something else along the lines of sport of some description. The possibilities on offer in the city are endless, who knows where I’ll end up.

I’m going to finally be able to do the things Vive never been able to do, like go to the beach, watch my favorite sports live, play the sports I love but haven’t been able to do because of how remote Cobra is from everything. I’ll always keep in contact with you guys, and I’ll always visit whenever I get the time. Cobra will always be my hometown, but I’m too different from the lifestyle there to ever feel like it’s the place for me. This is the biggest experience I’ll ever have in my life, finally being able to say I’m in a place where I completely belong.