Before the End of Summer Discussion Questions Be sure to read through all the questions. You should be able to answer any of them during our whole class discussion. You will then answer any 6 of the following 9 questions. PLEASE remember to highlight your answers on your word document so they stand out better during check-in. 1. On page 107 of the story, Beanie’s grandmother says “l know death, doctor. I know it well. I’m Just not used to it. ” What does she mean by this? She’s seen other people die all around her, but she not been in that place before. 2. What kinds of people ever get “used to death”?

Be able to defend your answers. One’s that suffer the most, or have been around It for a long time before. They get used to feeling empty perhaps. 3. What does Bennie mean on page 110 when he says that his grandmother made him stand away from her? What kind of people make you “stand away” from them? The kind of people who want to stay alone, and suffer without anyone seeing them. Or not making people suffer by being with them, so they push them away. 4. On page 113 of the story, Bennie is confused about what happens at the funeral. What is he confused about?

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Keeping this In mind, do you think it is k for kids to go to funerals? Defend your answer. 5. Why do you think Beanie’s opinion of his grandmother and his attitude toward her impending death change after the death of May Mathis? He sees that he has to spend time with her, and cherish her more. Because he doesn’t know what exact day or time his grandmother will die.. 6. After the storm, Beanie’s grandmother tells him to shut the door and let her sleep. He is instructed NOT to try to wake her up. What Is Beanie’s grandmother trying to protect him from? Is It a wise choice? Why or why not? Moment on what a beautiful fall day it is? Because she realizes that she didn’t die, and that fall is here now. Which is really strange since she was supposed to die. 8. Near the end of the story, why do you think Bennie is no longer afraid? What events in the story may have helped him to change? 9. Explain what a person can gain from the experience of losing someone close. You can become a wiser, and stronger person, Just by going through that kind of things. You realize that you should cherish and bond more with your family and friends. And that no one is forever, Just temporary.