Since we were kids, we have always been told to do good thing for others, set up good samples, never do bad thing. Now we grown up, back to the reality of life, we often ask ourselves: Can we always be good for everything, can we make mistake? Or what will we do If someone did bad thing to you first? It Is good to do good things for others: Glenn some kind help to the aged, disable people, donating the money for the poor, etc. You will not only get praised for what you are doing, you also feel you are completing yourself in a way and feel great about yourself too.

More importantly, you set up a good sample for the rest, such as the kids, or the people around you, to remind them to do good thing for the others. As sited by Twain “always do right. That will gratify some of the people and astonish the rest”. In agree with Tag, I also believe you can’t be good on everything, we may not that good on something, we may even make some mistakes. In real life, although you try to be good, sometime the outcome may not as you expected, the outcome even can be harmful. Since we are human being, we are not perfect.

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Therefore, Instead along good on everything, try to focus on few things, on the things you know you are really good about, and people will really benefit from you. It may not be too hard to be good for a while, how about forever? In particular, will you still be good to someone after you knowing you did some bad thing at your back? I believe that Keep doing right thing in your heart, it will automatically put in action when time comes, it should be timeless. Learn to forgive, forgive others’ mistake, give them a chance and always believe one day, your undines will bring out the bright side of them.

However, there are many figures in our history to be long remembered not by their kindness, but by their evilness. I guess this Just remind us human being are not all kind species, more importantly, put this way, they are only the opposite samples to teach our next generation never repeat them again. For these reasons, we shall always be kind to others, give as much help as we can to the others, hopefully you will also get same kindness as return. Let’s work together, make this world to be a real happy place for everyone to live.