We all know, in each and everyone of us, we have a certain bad habit that is particularly damaging to others (or maybe to others). We also know that we’re capable of stopping them, but often we create reasons that hinders us from ridding ourselves from the bad habits. Why should you do It In the first place? Well, If you ever want to make a difference, ridding bad habits is a good start, simply what you do, affects everything you’ve done. I’ll give you a simple example – If you’re always excuses to run away from responsibilities (no time for this, no money, no energy, no transport, etc. And then, you happened to do something really great and impressive, you won’t be getting the best applause you’d hope to get. The reason is because people had labeled you as an “escape artiste”, thus whatever you do thereafter would not reward as much as you’d expected, rather It creates a sense of doubt and suspicion to your efforts – “Did he really do it? “, “I’m sure it was a fluke”, or even “SO? I’ve seen others better than him/her, and yet they hadn’t gotten the recognition. ” What can you do? Where should you start? How can you throw away those bad habits of yours?

Written by Marc, there are 30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself ! I won’t list out everything, but I’ll pick out some of the things of you which believe it’s the easiest to start off with, and you can do it immediately after you’ve read this – The path for your transformation! Stop being afraid to make a mistake – And start cultivate the habit of taking risk! I’m not asking you to buy shares without evaluating the market. But you can be initiative and take the first step into doing something you believe it’s worth it. If you like drawing, then doodle or sketch; If you like speaking, then start talking. Stop being idle – And start acting!

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Thinking too much about how things will be or not, will not get you anywhere else than where ever you’re standing/sitting/lying right now. Once you’ve done your evaluation, it’s time to do the work/action. There are things which you absolutely cannot change or avoid, but you can definitely be prepared for It. You’ll never know what results you’ll get, unless you do it; If you don’t do It, well It’s obvious enough to see there wont be any results at all. Stop thinking you’re not ready – And start embracing the moment when It comes! You think every couple was ready to be parents at any given moment? And that Heroes were prepared in advance?

You just have to take chances, and do your best when the anyone’s life is when you least expect them. Stop being Jealous of others – And start appreciating what you have! Everyone’s always thinking about what others have, but little do they know that they too have something that others desire. Study yourself to know what you have that others want but don’t have. New is a waste of time, Jealousy is a mental cancer. Stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself – And start understanding and seeing your strengths! I believe that we were all given birth to for reason, for a certain purpose to fulfill in life.

God made us all equal, and balanced mix of talents, appearances, wisdom and personality. Just because you saw the few flaws in yourself, that doesn’t mean your a failure. You’re in control of your life, and unless you want to remain the same, you got to shift your thoughts away from the negativity, into a direction that is suited for you. Everything happens for a reason; think of it as a challenge, when overcome, will lead you to be the better, stronger and wiser you. Stop doing the same things over and over without taking a break – And tart taking a breather every now and then!

Being responsible for your actions is a trait that very well determines the possibilities of realizing your dreams. Taking ownership truly gives you the power over that part of your life. I’ve never heard of someone gaining success through blaming others for what had happened previously, have you? What happens or happened does not matter much, what matters most is your reaction and decisive actions you take when it happens. Stop running away from your problems – And give it a punch in the face like a man (figuratively speaking)! No, it wont be easy, but it’s certainly not going to solve anything if you keep running and voiding it.

No one can possibly solve anything instantly without a little hiccup here and there, not even geniuses. We’re all humans, sit happens! There’ll many times we get hurt, upset, disappointed, betrayed, kicked around or even abandoned, but that’s life; We’ve Just goat get back up, look back in “its” eye, learn and adapt to “its” trickeries, resolve the issues and better still, be grateful that it happened. These are the things that makes a person a Hero. It’s about the number of times we fall, it’s all about the countless times we stood right back up after the fall.