Attention getter Background info Not carrying a cell phone is a negative habit to get into because it affects a person’s safety, privacy, self-esteem and communication. One effect of not carrying a cell phone is safety, driving a car. For instance, when someone is driving a car, it would be unsafe not to carry a cell phone. Not carrying a cell phone is not safe because an individual might find them self in a problem or even a real emergency might happen. If their car breaks down they will have to call embody to come get them or even have to call road side assents.

Another effect of not carrying a cell phone is not safe at a party. As a result, not carrying a cell phone will be unsafe at a party because what if it’s a fight and they start shooting and everybody start running and some body get loses from there ride and want have known way to reach them and get left. So they will be stranded and have no way home and will have to find a way home by walking, hitchhiking, bus or even call a cab. One effect of not carrying a cell phone is being robbed for a smart hone.

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Carrying a smart phone can be dangerous when somebody see It and want and will do anything to get alt. So they will robbed them a gun point or even pull out a knife on them and force them to give up the smart phone. To answer the problem of not carrying a cell phone get a phone from the government a traction. It’s a phone that Is small not to flashy and It give free minutes every month. To support my answer It helps you so much you don’t have to pay no phone bill or even have to pay Insurance and If you lose It they will send you another one for free.